Pink DANCES With Channing Tatum In Hilarious «Beautiful Trauma» Music Video


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Hot off the heels of her incredible AMAs performance, Pink released the music video for her new single “Beautiful Trauma.” The video is set in the ‘50s and has Pink and Channing playing a husband and wife who appear to be the picture-perfect couple, but really are quite a mess. It opens with the pair waking up in an all-pink bedroom and Pink doing the cooking, cleaning and laundry, which was all considered to be a woman’s job at the time. But then she opens a cabinet to reveal a bunch of pill bottles and even professes her love to one of them, proving that no relationship is as perfect as it seems.

Pink and Channing then break out into an adorable ballroom-style dance that would make anyone from Dancing With the Stars proud.

Pink eventually walks into her bedroom to discover Channing trying on her dresses in the closet. She fully embraces this and even drags him out so she can put lipstick on him. The couple then does another killer dance routine, but this time Pink is wearing a suit and Channing is in a dress.

We then see Pink and Channing downing martinis in an old-fashioned bar followed by — you guessed it — another choreographed dance. This one, however, went from being the perfect ballroom example to quite the drunken mess.

The major last scene of the video shows Pink and a friend playing dominatrixes as Channing is tied up on a couch. As soon as it’s over however, we see the husband and wife duo slip back into their perfect pink beds as if nothing ever happened.

I thought Pink’s performance of “Beautiful Trauma” on the side of a hotel building would never be topped, and while I still kinda think that’s true, I have to give her a MAJOR round of applause for putting out this epic video about the work that goes into every longterm relationship. What did you think of the music video? Tell us your favorite part in the comments below. I’m your host Renee Ariel, thanks so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. PINK! My Favorite Song That Related To Me Very Much Was F###ing Perfect! I All most Collected Every Single Album You Ever Started! You Are A Beautiful Person; A Loving MoM! You Get The Mean & Keep Inspiring. The World Is Very Cruel! You Do You’re Best Finding THE RARE OF THOSE WHOM HAVE LOVE & KINDNESS IN THEIR SOULS! KEEP ON THE SHINE PINK! Because Of You’re Song & Music I Am Still Living Proof You Make A Difference In Someone’s Life! Hugs To You PINK & You’re Lovely Daughter! Send Of ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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