PewdiePie UNDER FIRE For Using Racial Slurs & Bashing YouTube Channel Starring a Child


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The world’s most popular youtuber has officially outdone himself stunning us all, using a racial slur in a recent video titled “I WON AN AWARD.” The video starts out with him pouting about the fact that he’s been deemed “ugly” by Twitter Trolls BUT then he comes across a video posted by TC Chandler ranking the 100 most handsome faces of youtube. PewDiePie ranks at number 18 and during his celebration – well, here just see it for yourself…
In the editing he did cut out the very end of him yelling the N-word, but it’s VERY clear that he did indeed- use the highly offensive word… I know you’re probably thinking- If only he actually would have deleted his channel after he promised to do so following his LAST meltdown when he claimed that YouTube was racist towards white people…
He also went on to say that Zayn Malik looks like shit.
Interesting… For some reason it seems he’s welcoming the attention- taking to twitter to retweet a user who hashtagged pewdiepie is an N word Party… AND THAT IS after the hashtag pewdiepie is over party was also a trending topic on twitter…
While many are upset – the reaction is mixed as the video that has over 3 million views only has 5 thousand thumbs down compared to its 245 thousand thumbs up AND the comment section isn’t nearly as harsh as you would think.
It doesn’t stop there- He’s also ripping into a 5 year old who’s youtube channel (Ryan’s Toy Reviews) is hugely popular for unboxing toys- He’s been the most popular channel on YouTube for 20 weeks –
although PewDiePie points out that his channel does not match up – saying Ryan has 11 million views but only 9k likes and 1k comments… compared to his videos- which 11 million views, 333k likes and nearly 30k comments- he also points out that maybe the parents are to blame for forcing him to star in the videos- saying he’s not actually making the money – but none the less people are mad that he’s ripping on a 5 year old.
At this point it feels like he’s going for shock value- and I can’t imagine what will happen next.
I do want to know what all of you are thinking about PewDiePie’s most recent video. Are you offended? Let me hear what you’re thinking in the comment section below then click right here to check out Jos and I take on Parkour in a brand new episode of Beauty Trippin. Hit that subscribe button while you’re here- thanks for hanging I’m Ryland Adams and I’ll see you soon!

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5 Comentarios

  1. I’m not a fan of Pewdiepie at all, ok? But It suprised me what in what an
    incredibly negative and biased way you guys talked in this video. I get
    that what he did was wrong, but you act like your mission is to entirely
    bring pewdiepie down. You guys could’ve looked at the problem from
    different angles (like you usually do). These are the kinds of videos that
    make me wonder if I should stay subscribed

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