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The bollywood celebrities so live there life in luxury.There expenses on everything is so grand that we cannot imagine.

Well here is a list with me of few top stars of bollywood paying such amount of electricity bills monthly which is shocking indeed.

This is our mr perfectionist Aamir Khan who too pays an electricity bill of 9lakhs per month for his Bandra house.Well this is just the start read ahead to know more.
Here is our Mastani Bai Deepika Padukone who is paying such an enormous electricity bill of her apartment.She pays 13lakhs monthly for her electricity bill.

Well Salman Khan the super star and bhai of bollywood too pays heavy bills of electricity on Galaxy Apartment’s two flats rupees 23 lakhs.

That is so much to pay for an electricity bill.
Well Saif Ali and Kareena Kapoor too pays a lavish amount of electricity bill.They pay around 30 lakhs a month which is seriously something to be taken concern about.

Though they are royal family and all but still a care can be taken on usage of electricity I guess.

Our very own romantic hero Shahrukh Khan yes pays a lot for his Mannat around 43 lakhs per month.

Now these bollywood stars need to learn to preserve a bit of electricity for future generations too.

As they are stars and have huge fans, people follow them in all aspects.
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