Noah Cyrus Releases Emotional «Mad At You» After Lil Xan Break Up


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Noah and Lil Xan broke up less than a week ago and boom there’s already a breakup song. Noah released “Mad At You” yesterday following the very public split and is dishing even more details with the song’s lyrics. The song opens with her saying – «We need to talk. You should sit. I don’t want to start a fight. But the minute it gets to my lips, I can feel my tongue is tied.»

She goes on to say – «My eyes to start to water, but I can’t stop you when you lie. Baby, we need to talk ‘cause I think it’s time that I walk away before you start calling my name, because when you start begging me to stay—it’s going to be hard as hell, and baby you know me well. No matter what you do, I can never be mad at you.» At one point, she also sings,»For me, there’s no one else.»

Gallant is also featured on the song and alludes to the accusation that Lil Xan may have cheated on Noah singing QUOTE – «Baby you were the one who convinced me to run into your arms. Oh, but now that you’ve got me, it’s easy to want another love—thinking that you’ll find a better one. And I’ll sit here waiting here until you’re done.»

The song continues with Noah and Gallant going back and forth saying things like “»You love me. You need me. And this aint so easy, believe me. You had me right under your skin, but I let you win.»
So it’s safe to say that this is a classic case of young love gone wrong. Adding to the dramatics is the cover art which is an image of Noah with tears streaming down her face.
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