Nickelodeon Girls VS Disney Girls Battle | Top Celebrity Girls Musically 2017

Nickelodeon Girls VS Disney Girls Battle Top Celebrity Girls Musically 2017. Disney Channel Girls Vs Nickelodeon Girls Compilation battle 2017! Top Celebrity stars Musically videos! Disney Stars on Andi Mack , Bunkd , Jessie , Stuck in the middle VS Nickelodeon Stars on Henry Danger , The Thundermans , School of rock , Game Shakers Battle 2017! Who is your favorite famous girl?

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10 respuestas a «Nickelodeon Girls VS Disney Girls Battle | Top Celebrity Girls Musically 2017»

  1. Avatar de Famous Musically
    Famous Musically

    Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is having a good day! Thanks for watching make sure to like the video and subscribe!??❤

    1. Avatar de Amarilda  Lopes
      Amarilda Lopes

      Gabriella Kieta Ellis muito Bom

    2. Avatar de Gabriella Kieta
      Gabriella Kieta

      Famous Musical

    3. Avatar de Donovan Leonard
      Donovan Leonard

      Famous Musically rocks

    4. Avatar de Kristi Marlar-Henry
      Kristi Marlar-Henry

      Lucy henry

    5. Avatar de Daniela Cepero
      Daniela Cepero

      Disney channel should win?

  2. Avatar de Jael Villa
    Jael Villa

    disney won

  3. Avatar de KellyMaria Auvae
    KellyMaria Auvae

    whoever likes Disney give me 100 likes and whoever like Nickelodeon give me 300 likes… if u want to

  4. Avatar de Paxton Ge
    Paxton Ge

    Nickelodeon won❤????

  5. Avatar de Nazareth Jireh Oseguera Pacheco
    Nazareth Jireh Oseguera Pacheco

    NICKELODEON ? Breanna yde ???

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