Miley Cyrus’ «She’s Not Him» About Her Leaving Stella Maxwell For Liam?

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Miley Cyrus’ new album drops on September 29th and she’s counting down to the big release by dropping snippets of her songs in backwards order. If you haven’t peeked at the tracklist yet, there’s 11 songs in total with a few in particular that are catching our eye. Track 3 is titled “Rainbowland” and features Miley’s Godmother Dolly Parton, track 6 is called “I Would Die For You”, which we’re guessing is about Liam, and then there’s track 10 “She’s Not Him”. When Miley released a teaser for THIS track, we couldn’t help but speculate about the subject matter.

Many believe Miley is singing about leaving her former girlfriend Stella for her current fiance Liam. That line specifically insinuates Miley wasn’t able to completely fall for Stella because she was still thinking about her ex. Miley had a fling with Stella the summer before reuniting with Liam at the end of the year.

And since Miley has admitted to writing multiple songs about Liam on the new album, we’ve got good reason to believe this is about her struggle between her two lovers. We’ll wait for the full version of “She’s Not Him” to determine if it IS in fact about Stella. Get ready for that and a whole lot more when “Younger Now” drops on September 29th. Do you guys think Miley’s song “She’s Not Him” is about her romance with Stella? Drop your opinion down in the comments, then click here to see why Miley said she doesn’t envision marriage with Liam Hemsworth.

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5 respuestas a «Miley Cyrus’ «She’s Not Him» About Her Leaving Stella Maxwell For Liam?»

  1. Liam keeps her sane…

  2. Avatar de Moon princess Love
    Moon princess Love

    She wants dick not pussy lol

  3. Avatar de Eisha Maqsood
    Eisha Maqsood

    I didn’t no she even dated a girl
    Not that it was bad
    I just thought she was straight

  4. Avatar de Jordan Sanchez
    Jordan Sanchez

    Por que esta noticia no hay en español??

  5. I’ll be inlove with This song

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