Miley Cyrus Honors Vegas Victims – Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Reuniting?! (DHR)

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Are Harry Styles & Taylor Swift reuniting? Selena Gomez is making a documentary about her health issues…AND Miley Cyrus performs to honor victims of Vegas shooting. All that and so much more on today’s rundown!

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7 respuestas a «Miley Cyrus Honors Vegas Victims – Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Reuniting?! (DHR)»

  1. Avatar de Harru Lovah
    Harru Lovah


  2. Avatar de Kaila Ford
    Kaila Ford

    can we just say how beautiful looked in that dress

  3. Avatar de Zainab Salah
    Zainab Salah

    hy ppl are so shocked about «Haylor fans»?! i mean Larry didn’t even exist to begin with! and their shippers still imagining weird shit! so i won’t blame Haylor fans for their hope! at least it happened before

  4. Avatar de Ammy Peri
    Ammy Peri

    Camille Row may or may not attend the VSFS- she hasn’t been confirmed yet. Also I love how the second host’s nails match her lipstick.

    1. Avatar de Ammy Peri
      Ammy Peri

      Alyssa Styles That’s unfortunate- I liked Camille. Thanks for letting me know

    2. Avatar de Alyssa Styles
      Alyssa Styles

      Ammy Peri the fittings are done so that means camille wont be there

  5. Avatar de annabanana

    People act like people who ship Haylor should let it go but then they turn around and ship Larry? Yeah right

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