Mayte Garcia On Death Of Her & Prince’s Son: So Much Pain, I Wanted It To End | People NOW | People


Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia opens up about her struggle with the death of their son.
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Mayte Garcia On Death Of Her & Prince’s Son: So Much Pain, I Wanted It To End | People NOW | People


  1. Well my mom has lost 2 babies so I I know how it feels but know she’s pregnant so I am so excited and happy and worry about her every second and every minute

  2. This is getting to be disrespectful. Immediately after his death, she jumped on the media to sell her story. A year later, she’s still busting ass to get her book sold. While Prince was alive she didn’t utter a peep and I very much doubt they were on perfect terms, given they divorced and didn’t seem to really keep in touch. I do think she’s being a bit respectful of him, not trash talking or putting him down but I have not read the book. Being a massive Prince fan, I won’t be doing that. Let the man rest in peace and enjoy the beautiful music he left us with.

    • Fairy tales are always catchy LOL! That’s doesn’t mean it’s the true history of Prince . Everybody has the right to accept lies I mean fairy tales or truth. Prince was mysterious bc people didn’t know him just the show biz person and that’s why Mayte is able to do this.  Also for a show biz reason to be sounds great for the public and more commercial for benefiting PP and associations  or hands with other fellow musicians.  I do understand show biz and I also know the truths. I spend my money on Prince cd’s, music videos and photographers books. That’s the real deal to me.  Listening him is the real knowledge from his songs,lyrics and to see his original photos or the spontaneous him in the concert videos.  😉

    • +seestarrs I’m glad you posted and you bring up all fair points. Now I haven’t read the book so I can’t say for sure if I’d feel comfortable with it entirely. But from what you’re telling me, it does seem respectful and it does seem like she’s trying to send a positive message about him. I have always always loved Mayte and her amazing dancing so this makes me feel better quite honestly. I do know Prince was an extremely private person and was sure he was putting a gag on people that would talk about him. At the same time, I feel like that was his right. His persona was very public and he wanted to remain a mystery, like all great artists back in the day. I think the reason why people loved him so much is because that mystery remained, ya know? Every time I’d get a snippet of information on him, I’d be excited. I’m glad he kept himself so cocooned and I don’t want all of these crazy people coming out of the woodwork ruining his legacy. At the same time I KNOW he wasn’t perfect and I don’t think he was taking care of Mayte to any degree. I’m not sure. I lived in Minnesota for years and I would constantly hope I’d see him out and about. Or better yet, catch one of his private concerts!! I never did but came close. I also mourn for him deeply. I’m sorry you do too. 🙁 Seems like you were a dedicated and loyal fan. I feel your pain!! It burns so badly that this happened to him and he’s no longer around. I truly feel we lost the last great living musician. I still have a hard time accepting that he’s gone. He seems invincible in ways. I blame the drug companies and I’m so angry that something like this happened to him. He did NOT do drugs – he wanted to stay out of that scene. So he does the responsible thing and gets addicted to perspiration’s, clearly every bit as addicting and deadly.

    • Amersboo, I can respect that you’re starting to feel uncomfortable with it. To be fair, she might not have been able to talk about this before because Prince always sends cease and desist letters through his lawyers. He threatened Wendy a few times. I watched an interview with her and Lisa, not long after the band broke up, and if Wendy shared a peep or even rolled her eyes about something Prince did in the past, Lisa said “I don’t want to get a call from him” then Wendy replied “He hates anyone sharing anything…so let him call, I’ll take the call.” …I loved Prince but many of his close friends said openly, that he would shut them down if they talked. I believe Mayte just never wanted to risk him fully cutting her off emotionally. Now she is free to talk about it. For a book, the publicist requires interviews done, so she’s doing that and she has as much right to talk about her son’s death than anyone else. I am a huge fan of Prince, but I did read the ebook. It was totally respectful for the most part. No gossip. No sex. Just a mom & wife doing what many people have asked her to do…yes, even fans and friends of him like Shelby J who promotes it on her Facebook page. They wanted her to share her story…. That being said, I respect that you aren’t trashing her or even quoting unfounded gossip. You just find it disrespectful and no one can argue with you about that. I hope my opinion doesn’t come off as confrontational. I just felt like sharing. 🙂 I was out for a jog the other day and Kiss came into my earbuds and it made me instantly happy, but then I just choked up. His music is the soundtrack to my growing years. I hate listening to my records now knowing it’s all past tense now. 🙁

    • The sad thing is Prince can’t stop her lies anymore and it will going down as real history. Prince was Private and she is bring it up herself into publicity with untruths for money ,fame and people to sympathize  her.  it’s sad and can’t be prove that is untrue bc Prince passed away and she was in public with him so she can play with her lies to benefit herself. First in private she was the surrogate mother of Prince’s gf . Mayte got implants twice. Wasn’t her biological child but it was P and his gf. Unfortunately P married her Mayte bc she was pregnant and she wanted be in public and his gf didn’t wanted be in public.  So he married her and he realized it fast  it was a big mistake!  Now look what she is doing ,she couldn’t waited enough to come up with her catchy lies. She is sick and twisted but she knows how to  make dirty money from it.   Her book cover even fake they never did that photo together, It’s two separate photo put together, The proove in the photographers books.


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