Little Mix DROPS New Song And THIS Is Why We Love Them!!!


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Since becoming a group in 2011, Little Mix has cemented themselves as one of music’s
biggest pop groups and their new music proves they just keep getting better! Case in Point… their new summer jam “Bounce Back.”

What’s up guys? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and we have to talk about how
amazing Little Mix is. Is it just me, or are these girls seriously underrated?

We stan them for their chart-topping hits, but our true love for them stems in how real
and genuine they still are even after all these years of fame.

Their new song ‘Bounce Back’ came out TODAY and it is a total
hit. I definitely feel like this is about to be THE song of the summer.

So what better time than now to round up some of the reasons why we love Jade,
Perrie, Leigh-Anne, and Jesy.

First and most importantly, their friendship with one another. And sorry not sorry, to throw shade but this is no Spice Girls or Fifth Harmony, the ladies of Little Mix really love each other and have stood by each other’s sides since day one.

When Hits Radio asked what the key to their success is, they had the sweetest answer.

Then Jesy also added quote, “We just know we are stronger as a four and we are very
supportive of each other as individuals, which I think is very important to have in a group.
It’s nice to be told everyday that you are good at something.”

Now if that isn’t friendship goals, I don’t know what is. And because they have such strong friendships, they have learned to love themselves.

In their new music the ladies of Little Mix famously sing about self love and confidence.

Lyrically, their latest album “LM5” has its roots in feminism with a number of songs
revolving around female empowerment.

Most notably their song “Love a Girl Right” which is to the tune of the objectifying song
the “Thong Song.”

With lyrics like “I’ll be there for my girl always / She mean the whole world to me,” it
totally 180’s the “Thong Song” and turns it into a girl power anthem.

Their promo for their song “Strip” also went viral because they were posed naked with
offensive words strategically placed over their bodies.

They said it was to quote, “encourage and empower people to be who they are” and to say it
was empowering would be an understatement.

Little Mix has been outspoken that they work hard and will never just take a back seat when it comes to writing their own music because they are women.

We stan these queeeens.

And finally, we love Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne, and Jesy because they keep it super real.
The girls are still so down to earth even after all of their success.

We are able to see that on the regular on their YouTube show “Eat In With Little Mix”

They cook dinners for each other in the series and it is straight up hilarious. We get to
see how authentic and genuine they are together and I can’t get enough of the series.

They also aren’t afraid to post a makeup free pic or talk about their mental health.

Jesy is even working on her own BBC documentary that focuses on her own mental
health and body image.

And we cannot wait for more music and content from these ladies!!

Alright guys, now I want to hear from you. What do you love about Little Mix? And how much do you love Bounce Back?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. IM A MIXER FOR EVER❤️💝❤️💝❤️💝❤️💝❤️💝❤️💝 bounce back was so good, it just HAD to blow up on the whole internet, LM belongs on #1 in the world of music💙


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