Liam Payne SHADED Over One Direction, Cheryl & More In Jason Derulo Rap Battle


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Hide your kids, hide your wives, but maybe grab a pair of sunglasses to prepare for the shade-fest of the century.

The shots have been fired and the tea has been spilled – Liam Payne and Jason Derulo both took part in an intense throw-down during a brand new episode of TBS’ Drop The Mic, and for the warning – nothing was off limits.

Jason kicked off the battle reminiscing on Liam’s glory days as a member of One Direction, but took aim at the fact that Liam was not one of the band’s front-runners… yeah, OUCH.

But after crossing the line at claims that this Liam was the hottest Liam on earth to which Jason asked “then where the hell is Liam Hemsworth?” it was Liam’s turn to throw it back. He went after Jason’s track record of questionable song titles and his all-new vegan lifestyle, but before you call his digs ‘weak’, I’ll just let this verse do the talking.

Things took a turn for the actual worst when Jason gave Liam’s girlfriend Cheryl a mention. The two being 10 years apart in age was clearly an easy target for Jason who rapped, “your biggest win is having an older woman, but holla at ya boy when you sell a hundred million.” Leave it to Liam to bring the easy target that is 1D back into the mix, and no, I’m not talking about One Direction, if you’re picking up what he’s about to put down.

Lessons learned – hell hath no fury like Liam Payne scorned. But once that diss soaked in, Jason took the battle to a whole other level, bringing in Liam’s son Bear Payne. Oh yeah, he went there.

K, anyone else gonna need a cold shower after this battle? Thankfully all is in good fun, and these guys don’t actually mean what they said – well, most of it anyway. And after all the shade and disses were said and done, the fans crowned Liam winner of this episode’s Drop The Mic, but we know the audience has spoken, so now it’s your turn – do you think Liam or Jason deserved to win this battle, and which verse got you reaching for the aloe? Hit us up down her ein the comments, and after that, click right over here to see what Liam honest thoughts about that anticipated 1D reunion. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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