Kylie Jenner RETIRING From Show Biz?! (Rumor Patrol)

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Sources are saying Kylie’s planning on retiring from the celeb life… but is she really? We’re breaking it all down, right now on Rumor Patrol!

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5 respuestas a «Kylie Jenner RETIRING From Show Biz?! (Rumor Patrol)»

  1. Avatar de Imagine Raptr
    Imagine Raptr

    she could retire and never have to work again. Shes set for life

  2. Avatar de Ariannah O'Brien
    Ariannah O’Brien

    maybe she’ll come back out when people stop obsessing about her disappearance

  3. Avatar de Savana Adair
    Savana Adair

    If we keep talking about it she’s not gonna tell us? Cause she wants all the attention

  4. Avatar de blue.elephant91

    bullshit she never wanted attention. people who don’t want attention aren’t obsessed with themselves and don’t post pointless snapchats making pouty faces and trying to look all sexy. look at her instagram. It’s depressing as fuck. Picture after picture of herself, and that’s pretty much it. I truly feel the only thing deep down she thinks she has to offer the world is her looks. She has no personality, she’s like a robot. She offers nothing of value or substance, just looks. sad

  5. Avatar de asd2314 ?
    asd2314 ?

    Thank god

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