Kylie Jenner Preparing For a Gender Reveal Photo Shoot With THIS Pic?


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Guys, she hasn’t even confirmed her pregnancy yet.
Despite the fact that we aren’t even 100% sure yet that youngest member of the Kardashian Klan is preggers, fans are already guessing that Kylie is shooting gender reveal photos.

Yesterday, Kylie posted a photo of her beautifully manicured pink nails and her fingers adorned with pink diamond butterflies. The caption reads, “Shoot Day.” Since Kylie uploaded the pic, the post has generated over 40,000 comments mostly of fans debating the meaning behind it all. Could it be she’s doing a pink themed photo shoot to reveal that she’s about to have a baby girl?
One follower wrote, “Soooo maybe it’s a girl? Maternity shoot? Can’t wait to see the pics if so.”

Kylie’s a pro at being cryptic on her social media channels and we can only speculate what all the pink means. But we know as a fact that butterflies are meaningful for her and her boyfriend slash supposed baby daddy, Travis Scott. This summer the couple got matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles. Travis bought Kylie a giant butterfly necklace for her 20th birthday reportedly worth $60,000. ANNNDDD one of the rapper’s most popular songs is called, “Butterfly Effect.”

So butterflies…plus pink…plus photoshoot…okkkk, I’m convinced a gender reveal photo is in the making.

But when will it be finally revealed?! Well, People Magazine, reports that Kylie is due in February, but is trying to keep a low profile. They say that, “She feels good, but her body is changing…At the moment, she wants more privacy.” Right now, Kylie is into staying at home and having her friends and family come over. People even reports that, “She doesn’t want to be photographed.”

Now that we know that it’s kinda big deal that she’s getting in front of the camera, I need to know all of your interpretations on this pink photoshoot. Is Kylie just teasing us? Or are all these little hints going to add to the big reveal finally? Let me know YOUR thoughts and theories in the comment section below. And then after that, click right over here to hear kendall & kourt speak out about pregnancy rumors…Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News. I’m your host Ashley I. And I’ll see you next time.

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  1. clevver, it is really just pathetic now. how many videos have you posted about an *un-confirmed* rumor? you are going to look dumb af if it turns out she isnt pregnant.

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