Kylie Jenner FREAKS Fans Out With Creepy Snapchat


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Is Freddy Krueger out to get Kylie Jenner!?

That’s what fans think after watching Kylie’s recent Snapchat Story today. In the story, you see Kylie panning over her brand new mirrored-lined closet for her purses. Which I have to say, we’re extremely jealous of, but anyway back to the Snapstory. At first you think the rumored pregnant reality star is alone admiring the new room, but then all of a sudden a dark shadowed figure appears behind her. The alleged ghost is wearing a wide-brimmed hat and you can’t see any of its features which is worrisome because you can see Kylie’s face pretty clear in the snap.

The figure straight-up looks like Freddy Krueger with that hat on and it is terrifying. Fans quickly took to twitter to inform the world they were shook when they saw it. Like this twitter user who said Did anyone notice this on Kylie’s Snapchat!? It appears immediately WTF” Or this user who was straight up scared for Kylie, saying “I hope that’s not a ghost that popped up behind you in your snap!“

Luckily, King Kylie is A-ok and even took to twitter to let everyone know that it was just her friend Harry!

And as you can see from his Instagram, Harry has definitely worn this hat before and it is a part of his look.

Alright guys, what do you think of Kylie’s snap? Were you terrified when you first saw it? What did you think the shadowed figure was? Let us know in the comment section below and as always don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. Clevver have gotten to the point that if Kylie wears a blue top in public she’s automatically having a baby boy. Or if she wears a pink headband with that blue top she’s having twins of both genders

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