Kris Jenner BREAKS SILENCE On Kylie Pregnancy With Cryptic Response


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If Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy news came up more than a couple times in conversation over the weekend, you’re not alone. On Friday TMZ reported that Kylie was expecting her first child with rapper Travis Scott and it caught us ALL off guard. Seeming confirmation of the baby rumor was the fact that no Kardashian OR Jenner member jumped online to debunk the news.

But don’t worry, the very next morning Kylie’s Mom Kris Jenner was pretty much forced to respond to the pregnancy rumors during Milan Fashion Week. On Saturday The Cut caught up with Kris while front row at a fashion show and bravely asked this vague question, “Did you know the news was going to break about Kylie?” Kris responded politely saying QUOTE, “I just woke up this morning. She’s not confirmed anything. I think it’s kind of wild that everyone is just assuming that that’s just happening.”

So is Kris REALLY unfazed by the rumors or just rehearsing these lines she planned to say? Let’s be real: no Mom would be unfazed by a rumor that her daughter is pregnant.

But Kris played the naive card again. The Cut asked Kris a followup question saying, “So, you didn’t know that rumor was going to happen?” to which Kris cryptically responded QUOTE, “Something happens every single day. You never know what is going to break at any moment.”

If you gather all the facts, all signs point to Kylie 100 percent being pregnant. She’s been posting old photos online, and she still hasn’t released an official statement on the matter. It seems as though with these vague answers Kris is buying Kylie time to confirm the pregnancy on her own terms.

Do you guys think Kris’s shady response indicates that Kylie is actually pregnant? Tell us below how you’re deciphering her Momager’s answers down below in the comments. As always I’m your host Drew Dorsey here at Clevver, see you guys next time. Click left for more details from when news of Kylie’s pregnancy broke last week.This episode is brought to you by T-Mobile. Now T-Mobile family plans include Netflix at no extra charge. Just another reason why T-Mobile is America’s Best Unlimited Network.

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  1. Hope she is not carrying Kim’s baby and that she is not pregnant! I don’t even believe Kim can’t have a baby. It’s all a buisness publicity plan.?

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