Kim Kardashian Hilariously TROLLS North West On Her 5th Birthday


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Kim Kardashian had a few pretty incredible messages for North West on her fifth birthday.

No one’s day of birth is complete without an embarrassing birthday message from their parents, not even North West.
She may be one of the coolest kids on the block, but North West isn’t immune to a little public trolling from her mom Kim. While many members of her family wished her a very happy birthday on Instagram and other social media platforms, Kim’s messages stood out the most because well, first of all, she’s Kim K, and secondly, she’s North’s mom. So, duh.

Anyway, for her birthday tribute to North, Kim shared a photo from Nori’s incredible unicorn themed birthday and wrote QUOTE, “My baby girl turns 5 today. Never did I think back then that I would have my best friend for life! I’m so honored to be your mom Northie! You have brought more joy into my world than I could have imagined. I can’t believe you’re so big now! The luckiest girl in the world to be best friends with your cousins and have the most magical parties together! I love you so much birthday girl. P.S. Now that you’re 5, don’t you think it’s the mature thing to try and be nice to your brother now?!”

You guys, people of the internet lost it when they read the last statement – especially when Kim shared that last sentiment as a stand alone tweet. One fan wrote QUOTE, “LMAO Kim calling out your own daughter on her birthday!” While another fan imagined North’s response by tweeting back at Kim QUOTE, “North’s answer: I’m good luv, enjoy.”

But, the best response hands down came from the parody account, ‘Nori’s Black Book,’ who quoted Kim’s tweet and said, “Wow. This is petty, even for you. But you know what? I will not get off my chariot and throw tomatoes with you sweetheart. I’m 5 now and I don’t have time. You can try Rhymefest on Twitter, but not me. Good day ma’am.”

We imagine that is definitely how North would respond to her mom if she saw the tweet.

Were you surprised by Kim trolling North on her birthday? Let me know your reactions to this in the comment section below. When you’re done with that, click right over here to get all the details behind Kim and Alice Johnson’s first real life meeting. Thanks for hanging with me on Clevver Newsfeed, I’m Tom Plumley, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see ya next time.

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