Kendall Jenner’s Home ROBBED – Selena REFUSES To Talk About The Weeknd (DHR)


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Kendall’s house gets robbed, and Selena won’t talk about The Weeknd romance in Vogue. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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7 Comentarios

  1. Clevver News is really starting to annoy me. They sure like to over exaggerate and be all dramatic about things. Like deadass in Bold they have ROBBED & REFUSED. Leave Selena G. alone like deadass, I’m so proud of her for bringing and talking and just letting us all know and be aware of mental issues, but no instead you guys brought up about her hubbi like grow up clevver. Keep it Strong Demi. & Kendall please… oh poor you… Yeah that’s why you’re filthy rich and you can also buy new items and luxury for the rest of you’re life SMFH

  2. yes selena didn’t talk about the weeknd but she talked about more important things…its wrong that you put the least important thing as the title…disgusted

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