Kardashian Sisters BARE ALL In Costa Rica – Kim’s Thong Bikini, Kourtney Poses Nude


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are not afraid to flaunt it. Kourtney, the most subdued of the sisters, decided to do a steamy little late night snapchat photoshoot of her COMPLETELY NUDE in the pool. Don’t get too excited though guys, she only revealed her backside.

Skinny dipping, anyone? Also- has anyone wondered WHY it’s called skinny dipping? Get back to me if you at all know the logic behind that.

Anyway, moving on from skinny dipping but also kinda not, it looks like Kim took a nice little plunge into this completely see through metallic dress, and yes, we can completely see her breasts. This is a little surprising to me, guys, because Kim did say that she would try to live a little bit more of a subdued life since the whole Paris thing, but to be real with you- I’m kinda happy for her. And I know that may sound weird, but in a way, seeing Kim flaunt what she’s got is like having the old her again. So I’m happy to see that she’s moving on from the past.

Kim and Khloe were also spotted sunbathing on their Costa Rican vacay- Khloe was in a high cut one piece swimsuit, and Kim was in a nude teeny tiny bikini and its safe to say that there was booty booty rocking everywhere.

And of course it’s no surprise also that Baby Kylie is also channeling her inner sexy. Kourtney did a snap of her little sis getting her makeup done. Kylie’s reaction? Pull her bikini strap down and flaunt the side boob!

But let’s be real guys, these girls are just living their best life and we can’t blame them for that!! So which sis’s sexy post did you like most? Let me know in the comments section or on instagram @itsmepaulina- Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Paulina Cerrilla, and I’ll see you next time!

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