Kanye West REPLACES Ariana Grande For SNL Due to “Emotional Reasons”


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So turns out Kanye was the second choice. I personally would’ve loved to see Ariana as the musical guest because of Pete, but of course Ariana’s mental, emotional, and physical health is more important and should always come first.
Lorne Michaels was a guest on the Speaking on the Original with James Andrew Miller podcast when he revealed the original plan saying QUOTE – “We had Ariana [Grande] drop out for emotional reasons two days ago. That’s our premiere, and then Kanye stepped up, and he’ll be there.”
Ariana has certainly had a rough last year between dealing with the anxiety from the Manchester attack to now coping with the sudden death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, I’m sure working is the last thing she feels like doing right now. She posted a series of concerning tweets last night saying things like – “can i pls have one okay day. just one. pls” and when referring to her fans she said – “ur angels in my life. it’s just been a tough month. i’m trying to get my work done and get back to normal and it’s hard and i’m human and tired. sorry i let u in or worried u. i shouldn’t have tweeted. i kno better.”
So Kanye will be filling in for her and according to him, the SNL appearance will coincide with the release of a new album.
Sending good vibes to Ariana. The new season of SNL premieres tomorrow. What do you guys think about Kanye being her replacement? Who would you have rather seen? Sound off in the comment section below. Thanks for watching! Please click to the right to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels. I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Of all people they chose Kanye as her replacement? He doesn’t deserve it especially after how he apparently behaved the last time he was on SNL. Kanye is trash and it’s hypocritical how everyone seems to ignore the shit he says and does just like how they do with Kim and the rest of the Kardashians.

    • Or… She’s been suffering with depression, PTSD, and anxiety since the Manchester bombing and can’t get away from death. Her grandfather, 22 fans and children, Mac. That’s enough to cripple anyone. I really hope she’s getting therapy and treatment she’s needing again because this is concerning… People need to open their eyes because there are too many signs of wanting to self-harm

  2. I REALLY don’t wanna be THAT Arianator, but this is sounding more and more Pete related, I’M SORRY, BUT just think about it, of all things, she pulled out of SNL, which is literally the show that Pete’s on. She has NEVER tweeted anything negative EVER, I literally read all of her tweets, and she is always the most positive person, so for her to tweet a string of emotional tweets, she has to really be in a bad place. Nobody helped her out to where she didn’t get to that dark of a place in the first place? Especially with Mac’s recent passing (RIP) and the Manchester attack, you would think that there would be plenty of people to help her out. But what is the one thing that you can think of that’s that bad that you wouldn’t want to talk to anyone about? Relationship drama. She wouldn’t want to tell anyone if her and Pete weren’t doing well, because they already get so much hate as a couple. And again, of all things, she pulled out of SNL. And if it’s not about Pete, then where was he?


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