Justin Bieber & DJ Khaled DROP «No Brainer» Music Video


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DJ Khaled scored his first number 1 single by creating a ditty with Biebs, Chance and Quavo so it really was a no -brainer to bring them back for another. It’s believed that the song is the first single from his upcoming album Father of Asahd. He’d been teasing the video drop for two days, with an Apple Music ad featuring his son Asahd as a mini-mogul in charge of him.
The video finally dropped today and although directed by Colin Tilley featured the cat-phobic rapper in a director’s chair orchestrating what seems to be a lavish bar mitzvah and sketching class. The video is replete with more product placement than your instagram feed and lots and lots of vaping.
The song is definitely fun and catchy and does a great job of showcasing Justin’s vocals and allowing each artist to have their own time to shine. DJ Khaled even brings the mini-mogul Asahd out to join in the festivities! Unclear if he’s around to vape though.
Obviously, DJ Khaled is feeling pretty confident in his producing as evidenced by the recurring “WE THE BEST” them, but we want to know what Well what you think! IS it is a no brainer that this single will shoot to the top? Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you so much for watching Clevver News, I’m Zoë Lillian. Go ahead and click to the right for another breaking news video and please subscribe to our channels for more!

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