James Charles’ ‘Sisters’ REUNITE In The Aftermath of Tati Drama!


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It wasn’t too long ago that James Charles was dubbed “CANCELED” by the YouTube community and pretty much the rest of social media… but in the blink of an eye all those millions of followers who unfollowed him seem to be running back to James, especially on his birthday! OHH How the tables have turned!

What’s up everyone it’s Sussan Mourad here back on Clevver News and I know the drama is officially over between James and Tati… praise God… BUT I find it very interesting that James’ sister squad seems to be growing back at an exponential rate and it’s almost like they never turned their back on him!

James lost more than three million followers amidst the Tati Westbrook drama bringing his once 16 million plus sub count down to about thirteen million…. But as of today his sub count is around 15.1 million… that’s no easy feat!

And just yesterday James celebrated his 20th birthday and the birthday wishes were nothing short of plenty!

James and co. got some much needed R&R on a beach for his birthday Thursday… but not before a swarm of fans sang him happy birthday from afar!

Okay that just made me sister sappy, very cute!

And clearly James was shocked by the outpouring of love captioning the video “I’m gonna fucking lose it. I love you guys so much!”

The James Charles fanfare didn’t stop there… he even came across a young sister sporting his signature apparel!

And then there were the superfans sending James lots of love on his 20th birthday like this person who literally had james’ face shaved into their head complete with a rainbow!

Now THAT is dedication!

He even got love from some other glam gurus.. Like Kim Kardashians go-to makeup artist, MakeupbyMario

His bestie Nikita Dragun gave him 2 shoutouts on her story! And as we’ve told you before… Nikita came to James’ defense last week during the fallout … and who was also partying it up with James at Kylie Jenner’s skincare launch party!

James did not however get any social media birthday wishes from Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star, or Shane Dawson.

All in all… it looks like James’ Sisters are slowly but surely coming back to support him and he is feeling a lot of love as he says goodbye to his teenage years and enters his twenties!

Alright, now I want to hear from you! Let me know what your thoughts are on the sister squad reassembling! And also do you think the drama is over for good and James is back to being a Beauty Icon in the YouTube community? Let me know all your thoughts in all the comments below and feel free to drop James a birthday message too, Happy Birthday James!
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  1. James Charles is committing insurance fraud by performing unnecessary services (cancelling tour due to “health issues”) for the purpose of financial gain.

  2. The thing is that the fans of the beauty community can be manipulated so easily, I myself unsubscribed and I feel horrible, but Tati somehow lied and manipulated James’ fan base and she has no consequences. I believe James and I feel like all the fans that left and came back decided to give him a second chance. James tried his best to communicate with Tati and Jefree but all they did was ignore him. You could tell that he wanted to handle the situation like an adult but they didn’t want that to happen. Tati’s video has been removed I’m guessing because James told his side and Tati realized that the fans found out she was lying. I am honestly disgusted that Tati has gained over 4M subscribers and followers. I always loved Tati but I am just so confused why she would publicly humiliate James and question his mother’s way of raising him. It hurts me to see all these people unsubscribing from James and placing allegations on him. It has been proved that what happened with him and Sam was consensual. James has been called a danger to society and he doesn’t deserve it. This situation as a whole was started for no reason and I hope Tati realizes that. It is disgusting how she just manipulated his fans. ? sending my love to James ?

  3. He doesn’t need any birthday message from those 2 so-called-friends… If I were him I wouldn’t want anything to do with such malicious friends


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