Internet TROLLS Bella Hadid After Awkward Viral Interview

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The internet is somewhere in between confused and freaking out over a recent interview that Bella Hadid did with Complex.

Up until this point, we haven’t really heard Bella speak and I guess it just wasn’t what some were expecting.

Complex and Bella Hadid recently teamed up for an interesting interview in a sneaker store to talk about Bella’s love for sneakers. And cool, I had no idea she’s a sneaker head and it was nice to see her talk about her own style and things she actually likes to wear as opposed to whatever designer’s clothing she is strutting down a runway.

But there’s one part in the interview that sparked a reaction from the internet. I’ll let you see it for yourself before I tell you why people are confused.

There’s your context, now this next clip is what everyones talking about.

Ok, personally I don’t see anything weird about what she said or how she said it. But the internet had a different reaction. One person tweeted – “Lmao I’ve never actually heard Bella Hadid talk before and I’m screaming does she actually talk like this.” Another said – “bella hadid said ‘dope’ ‘fresh’ and ‘homeboy’ within a 5 second span there has to be a law against that.”

Then as the internet does, it birthed some pretty funny memes. People started posting photos of shoes that are the literal opposite of sexy saying that if homeboy strolls up in kicks like those he can get it.

Like this person who posted someone wearing cow hooves shoes and another where some dude is rockin some Birkenstocks. Someone even through a meme in there from that Spongebob episode when he wears those crazy tall black boots. You gotta love the internet but ya’ll leave Bella alone. She seems like a dope chick to me and today’s her birthday so happy birthday queen. What do you guys think about her interview, do you think It was awkward? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here for a list of the most awkward celebrity interviews. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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5 respuestas a «Internet TROLLS Bella Hadid After Awkward Viral Interview»

  1. Avatar de tiochocabron

    she talks like she is using The Weeknd’s lyrics or lana del rey’s lyrics .

  2. Avatar de Fernanda Lopez
    Fernanda Lopez

    Cringe cringe cringe!

  3. Avatar de Noah Alexander
    Noah Alexander

    Yall are making a big deal out of nothing. Also are you guys forgetting that she was with the weekend for like ever and probably just picked up on his slang? Not that what you guys say matters to her anyway, she has more money than yall will ever see in your lives sooooooo

  4. Avatar de Raine Lanas
    Raine Lanas

    She is trying hard thats it… I know why she and the weeknd broke up

  5. Avatar de mEsSY bItCh
    mEsSY bItCh

    If homegirl is being herself in an interview it’s quiet but if homegirl is being awkward and cringe Af she’s gunna like get it

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