Internet REACTS To Baby Driver Oscars Snub


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If you haven’t seen baby driver yet (you should), but if you haven’t yet. It’s a movie that is completely dependent on mixing and sound editing. It’s about a talented getaway driver who uses music to drown out the ringing in his ear from a car accident in his past. I don’t want to spoil anything, but go watch it, then hop on twitter and yell at the oscars for missing the entire point.

One user wrote “baby driver: a movie that literally hinges on its sound design/mixing and editing throughout the entire film to tell its story in a unique and stylistic way, academy? WAR MOVIES!

“So baby driver didn’t get anything? Well that’s genuinely heartbreaking” another user wrote.

But here is the worst part. The people who were presenting the oscar for best sound editing and mixing?? The actors from BABY DRIVER. The super talented actors Ansel Enlgort and Eiza Gonzalez had to present 2 Oscars to their films competition, and stifle their emotions the entire time.

So what do you guys make of all this? Are you surprised Baby Driver didn’t win? Was this the biggest SNUB you’ve seen yet? Let me know in that comment section down below and after that, be sure to check out the best 2018 oscar moments. I’m your host Tom Plumley, thank you so much for watching clevver news. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Tbh I love Baby Driver so much, but Dunkirk was masterclass for music. It was key ti Christopher Nolan’s vision and gripped the viewer emersing them into tge atmosphere of WW2. I agree with there is no snubs. Dunkirk deserved it. HANDS DOWN ??

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