Internet Freaks Out Over THIS Millie Bobby Brown Conspiracy Theory


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I’m sorry lol – but that’s a real-life head line and I’d like to point out that you know you’ve really arrived when there’s a full-fledged conspiracy theory surrounding you – and that’s exactly what’s going on today with our girl Millie Bobby Brown – and it’s all kinds of hilarious!
I mean I get it, she does play a super magical character on TV but guys are we serious with this one? Let’s hop back for a sec – here’s the deal – this whole thing started buzzing because Millie looks so much like a young Natalie Portman it’s uncanny. Like for example – take a look at this current side by side of them and then look at this side by side shot of them both with shaved heads. I mean, I get it, they look super related. Almost like twins. But some of yall are getting wild with this – a twitter user even sent this out: «Maybe Millie is just Natalie from another dimension. Done. SOLVED IT. You are so welcome.» Another person tweeted out to say: Simple explanation. Natalie Portman invented a time machine, went back to warn young Natalie about #trump. Young Natalie snuck in behind Future Natalie back to the future and is stuck here because returning to the past would completely disrupt the space time continuum. Simple

Okay – why aren’t all you twitter spies writing movies or books or something because your imaginations are on point. So have we literally entered into the upside down and this time traveling thing is a real life situation or is this just a case of two people really looking similar. I guess stranger things have happened…see what I did there? I’m gonna throw out this idea – I think they should both do or 23 and me because maybe they are related? It could be possible. I mean, I just found out I’m mostly Swedish – which isn’t that shocking but I digress. SO what do you guys think? Hit the comments to join this ridiculous yet super entertaining story and then click here to find out if MBB is cozying up to an internet star! I’m your girl Joslyn Davis thanks for hanging and I’ll see you later!

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