Hollywood’s biggest celebrity divorce lawyer launches online DIY divorces for the masses


Hollywood’s biggest celebrity divorce lawyer launches online DIY divorces for the masses:

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 Hollywood’s most in-demand celebrity divorce lawyer has launched cut-price DIY marriage breakups for the masses on the internet.  Laura Wasser, 50, represented Angelina Jolie in her divorce from Brad Pitt, and her other celebrity clients have included Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Melanie Griffith, Stevie Wonder, and the ex-wives of Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In Hollywood, Miss Wasser is known as the “Disso Queen” – a name she dislikes – because she is the first port of call for dissolving high profile marriages.  Often to be seen heading into court dressed in Valentino, with an upset celebrity in tow, she said it was time ordinary couples should have the chance to get divorced more easily.  “We see banking online, shopping online, dating online. I wanted to give people the opportunity to get divorced online,” Miss Wasser told The Telegraph.  Some 46 per cent of US marriages end in divorce. The rate has fallen in recent years, partly due to the average cost of a divorce reaching $15,500, most of it on legal fees.  In California, the state with the most divorces, the average cost for a couple with children is now $26,300.  Miss Wasser herself charges celebrity clients a $25,000 retainer plus $850 an hour.  Her website – “It’s Over Easy” – is will divorce couples for as little as $750 per spouse if the dissolution is uncontested. Five steps take users through forms and financial statements. It includes a facility for serving documents on a spouse.  There are also partnerships with gyms, tanning salons, and dating websites, so divorcees can find a new partner.  “People shouldn’t have to stay in a marriage because they can’t afford to get divorced,” Miss Wasser said. “At the moment they’re paying a lot of money, during a difficult and confusing time, to someone [lawyers] who may not have their interests at heart.  “I always thought there was a better way of doing it, and for the vast majority there is. Nobody knows your finances like you. Nobody knows your kids like you, Why let a judge make the decisions?”  Before qualifying as a divorce lawyer Miss Wasser, a Berkeley graduate whose initials spell L.A.W., had her own divorce following a one-year marriage in 1993. Now a mother-of-two she has never remarried.  Ever since then she has counseled amicable settlements, for both Hollywood stars and non-celebrities.  “Divorce is the great equaliser.” she said. “It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you met walking the red carpet, or going to the office Christmas party, if you’re dividing up millions, or hundreds. It’s scary and its sad.  “You can feel like a failure, you can feel embarrassed. The unknown is what really gets people. Regardless of how wealthy, how famous or powerful the people I’ve worked with are, they all feel the same way – ‘What;s going to happen my kids?’. ‘Will anyone ever love me again?’. ‘Will I have enough money?’ Divorce rate is at its lowest since 1973  “If you’re used to flying private, and all of
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