Hollywood Mocks Trump with FOUR LYING WORDS At Hollywood Fundraiser

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Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire reports, Celebrity gossip sites — and even the Hollywood Reporter — are breathlessly mocking President Donald Trump for failing to attract the glitterati to his kickoff re-election fundraiser in the Hollywood Hills Tuesday night, apparently not realizing that Trump’s failure to attract Obama-level attention from celebrities is a feature, not a bug.

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5 respuestas a «Hollywood Mocks Trump with FOUR LYING WORDS At Hollywood Fundraiser»

  1. Avatar de Josie Hinojos
    Josie Hinojos

    SHAMELESS huzzies

  2. Avatar de Ron Gruber
    Ron Gruber

    I was reading about a Will and Grace episode I would never waste my time on such garbage but somebody did me the favor and they were saying how this particular episode of detritus was going on about how vile conservatives were and how evil their policies were. I think it’s time we just shut him down enough is enough either get it together or get the hell out

  3. Avatar de Grumpy Bear
    Grumpy Bear

    Fuck Hollywood

  4. A star power,A star power? You mean a disgusting Hell-Weed prostitutes and gigolos are the star power? Who needs this vile perverted bunch of lunatics

  5. Avatar de Angela Chi
    Angela Chi

    Francie, I don’t watch msm because of the crap they put on. YOU ARE AS BAD!! STOP reporting the crap re-wrapped!

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