Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Famous Celebrity Grave Tour / Movie Star History & MUCH MORE


A visit to Hollywood Forever in Southern California . Located next to Paramount Studios it is the resting place of many movie stars , celebrities and notable names .


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    Even tho I covered a large amount of names and stories of those laid to rest at Hollywood Forever I could not mention everyone . Anyone you’d like to add to the list for future visitors who’d like to pay their respects ?
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  2. My wife’s parents have their gravesite here! I met Darren Mc Gavin as a kid on the set of Ironside, he shook my hand, smiled, and said, “hello young man”, and then walked on. My mom worked at Universal Studios in the 1960’s, and sometimes she’d take us on a sef-guided tour of the empty TV sets.

  3. Perhaps someone can tell me what the relevance of placing stones & coins on the headstone? I appreciate any information. Thanks in advance ?


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