Hailey Baldwin TRADEMARKS NEW Last Name For Fashion Line?


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Hailey has officially trademarked 3 names, and it looks like a brand new fashion line is coming our way. The Model is looking to take the fashion world by storm by capitalizing on her powerful name. The trademark applications are for the names ‘Hailey Bieber, ‘Hailey Baldwin, and ‘HRB3’. If you’re wondering what the “R” in HRB3 stands for, it’s Hailey’s middle name Rhode.

The labeled purpose of the trademark is “clothing,” so it looks like we are expecting a fashion line from the power couple. And it turns out, their City Hall wedding was all Hailey’s Idea! That’s right, a source told PEOPLE “The City hall marriage was her idea. It was ‘you and me against the world, let’s show everyone we’re serious and it’s not just some crazy fling.” So it looks like Hailey knows exactly what she wants out of her amazing relationship with Justin. And it helps that she can’t stop gushing about him.

In an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR, Hailey said this about justin. “He is incredible, He crushes everything. Every song, every feature. IT’s crazy to see what he does. I’m always blown away.”

So we are really excited to see what this #powercouple is going to do next.

What do you think of Hailey trademarking these names? Do you believe that their love is here to stay?? Let me know all your juicy thoughts down in that comment section below, and when you’re done with that, click here to keep on binging! And don’t forget to subscribe. I’m your host Tom Plumley you guys can find me on the socials, and I’ll see ya next time.

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  1. Good job Mrs Hailey bieber 👌👌👌and congratulation Mr Mrs biebers 🌸🌸💐💐💐💝💝💝💓💓💓💓

  2. Will everyone stop saying they are going to divorce! 😤 You don’t know them and how they truly feel. Jelena is OVER and it wasn’t good for Justin nor Selena. Isn’t that obvious…. All the times they tried to make it work and it didn’t. That’s no one’s fault, it wasn’t meant to be. Justin is happy with Hailey, so just let him live. Stop acting like Hailey caused Jelena to split or Selena’s breakdown. She ended things with Justin, SHE is the one who didn’t want him. Stop trying to make him look like the bad guy. And they got married so why wouldn’t she take his name? That’s what majority of couples do. But just because his last name is Bieber that means she’s using him? People act so immature.

  3. She uses her husbands last name like almost every other married woman.Just because he is more famous doesn’t mean everyone around him wants to use him.Why hate tho?


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