First Look At Game Of Thrones Season 7 & What The Photos Reveal

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We’ve got new set photos from the upcoming season 7 of Game of Thrones. Today’s episode of News Feed is brought to you by Pandora Premium, where you can search and play your favorite songs. Pandora: sounds like you
Jon, Dani, Sansa, Little Finger – the gang is all here and the race for the Iron Throne is on!
We’ve all been waiting for what feels like seven winters to get caught up on what our favorite Thronians have been up to, and after the release of a rather boring poster and a little bit more of an enticing trailer (shout out to that icy Cersei moment), fans have been dying to see more! And today we’ve got new photos from set.
Now….Do a lot of these photos of our favorite characters equate to new & juicy information? Sadly, no…but here’s what we do know.
Cersei is sitting high and mighty on that throne (RIP Tommon) with Jamie by her side. A very sluthy reddit user by the name of XPBSO got a little stalkery on this pic and if you zoom in you will see that Jamie’s sword looks eerily similar to Joffrey’s Valyrian sord, Widow’s Wail from season 4 and some speculate that based on the seriousness of everyone in this photo and the significance of the Widow’s Wail…. that Jamie could possibly use this sword to take Cersei down.
Next we see Lyonna Mormont of Bear Island bossing some more grown men around, except for little finger who seems like he’s constructing his next ultimate plan of manipulation behind her. Ahhh…sir Davos. What a gem. This poor man has been through it and things are about to get even worse if he sticks with Snow. This look on his face screams I need a vacation! Or perhaps the fact that Melisandre is still out there somewhere is really starting to stress him out. Next up is Sam and Gilly who have taken up couples reading at the Citadel. Then there is Meera and Bran. Meera is still snowplowing Bran around the wintery tundra wild but in this photo (based on her face) it seems like they’re approaching a massive turning point in their journey. I really hope they finally arrive SOMEWHERE this season for more than an episode or two. Tourmond is still trying to woo Brianne of Tarth…but her body language here seems like she’s not having any of it. For the love of the Gods, if these two get together this season, I am praying that we don’t see them do the dirty. I can not see Brianne naked. And …..ahhhh…little finger and Sansa. Looking like a bunch of mean girls at recess if I’m being honest. If this was Sansa in previous seasons I’d say Balish was probably working on some manipulative plan here to get Sansa to do what he wanted, but after what he did to her with Ramsey I’m thinking she is poker facing hardcore in this scene. He’s not to be trusted, and I hope she remembers that. The Hound is back again, looking houndier than ever in the North. It looks like he may want to invest in a solid, waterproof beanie or at least a face mask to cover up that RBF cause it’s intense. Then there’s fan favorite, Jon Snow in Winterfell pondering his next move. Missandei is suited up in some new garb and we see her and the entire Mother of Dragons dream team in a military formation in what looks like Westeros….but some folks think this could also be Dragonstone the island where Dani was born. And finally, we have our girl Arya holding her own in what looks like a pub of burly men. This photo doesn’t tell us much, but if anyone at Game of Thrones is listening: we need an Arya & Jon Snow reunion STAT, please!
Ok, so we’re asking to hear from all the intense Game of Thrones sleuths out there…did you find anything hidden in these photos that could give us hints as to what to expect when season 7 airs on July 16th?. Let us know in the comments and please subscribe. Im Emile Ennis Jr, and have an awesome weekend.
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    Dude it’s her Cousin

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    Clay Brice

    This should be exciting.

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    I love cersei. but Jamie is not gonna take cersei down.

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    «BRON BRON BRON BRON BRON» Fam do you even Game Of Thrones?
    It’s Bran.

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    Tormund and Brienne!!! Aaaah!!!! ?

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