Fifth Harmony Gets ACCUSED Of Ripping Off New Song «Down»


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Fifth Harmony is accused of plagiarizing their newest hit song and things are getting a bit ugly!
Looks like things are heating up and going down after the release of Fifth Harmony’s latest song, Down.

What should have been excitement for Fifth Harmony about their latest song is really turning into a chaotic mess. Just about an hour after 5H released their song, “Down,” pop trio known as Terror J quickly took to twitter and implied that the song rips off their viral hit, “Come First.” The group tweeted, “Ur favorite pop star just ripped us off because they are goldfish & we are not.” Yikes! Even though the group didn’t directly call out Fifth Harmony fan accounts for both groups quickly wanted to get to the bottom of everything by checking out both songs and comparing.

Although many fans also claim that Terror J’s sound, sounds a lot like 5H’s “Work From Home.” Though the groups don’t have the same producer work from Home and down were both co-written by Joshua Coleman so maybe that is why they sounds are similar!

Ok Ok so lets just put this to the test ourselves shall we? Lets here a bit of Fifth Harmoneys “Down”
Ok, now lets hear Terror J’s Come First
Hmmmm if it were up to me guys I think they sound nothing alike! There are a lot of songs that have a similar beat but those are just my thoughts. But I want to know your thoughts! Let me know in the comments section below if you think Fifth Harmony plagiarized or Terror J is just hearing something we aren’t! And then after that don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks so much for watching! I’m your host Meghan Lamontagne and I’ll catch ya later!

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5 Comentarios

  1. they didn’t and terror j why you trying to shade there are other songs out there that sound the same so why you not figuring that out and stop trying to shade 5H because it’s there time to shine not yours #5H3?

  2. For those of you who said that it doesn’t sound the same, I don’t know what you’re hearing but it sounds EXACTLY the same unlike SOTME by Little Mix and Ugly Heart by GRL where both of the songs sound nothing alike.

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