Fans REACT To Taylor Swift’s «…Ready For It?» Music Video



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Taylor Swift JUST released the music video for “… Ready For It?” and to say that Swifties everywhere are SHOOK would be a HUGE understatement.

Fans took to social media instantly upon release of the sci-fi inspired music video not only to speculate over the deeper meaning behind it, but to also simply freak out, fan-girl, and key-smash as, you know, her fans typically do.

And if you’re wondering why Taylor fans are so taken aback by the music video, it’s because in the video Taylor shows how she is the only one who can, quote-on-quote, “take back the narrative.” Not to mention, she looks AMAZING.

But anyway, to sum it up for you, towards the end of the video, fans believe that the caged Taylor frees herself and destroys the Taylor that the media has created based on lies. One fan even tweeted, QUOTE, “What I learned from the #ReadyForItMusicVideo is that in order to be free you must defeat your own self. Very deep.” WOW. Powerful stuff, Tay!

Another Twitter user was equally as moved, saying “PURE happiness for freeing yourself because you took control of YOUR OWN NARRATIVE!!!‪#ReadyForItMusicVideo”

Of course, along with all of the heart-stopping and jaw-dropping reactions were some absolutely hilarious responses too! Some fans even compared the Taylor’s in the music video to the evil Kermit meme!

Another fan decided to take screenshots of the fiercest moments from the video and tweet them out with the caption, “get a girl who can do both!” Yupp, Taylor swift proved once again that she can definitely do it all, don’t you think?!

And of course, fan reactions wouldn’t be complete without one Swiftie poking fun at other Swifties digging up all of the clues. One tweeted read, “Me waiting for all the detail oriented people to find all the hidden clues” Ugh… too relatable.

We don’t know about you, but we are LIVING for these AMAZING reactions! And while we’re waiting for Swifties to uncover even more hidden clues, let us know how YOU feel about the music video in the comments section below. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time!

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5 respuestas a «Fans REACT To Taylor Swift’s «…Ready For It?» Music Video»

  1. I feel like the only person who isn’t really a fan of the music video. Like yes, it has a lot of special effects, but otherwise? Eh.

    Looking forward to the album for new songs, because I haven’t really liked the songs she’s released so far. Though Gorgeous is definitely the best one out of the three in my opinion.

  2. Avatar de Hadi Fakih
    Hadi Fakih

    This was the most useless video uploaded here in my opinion… Don’t get me wrong I love clevver and Taylor *but* a whole video about these reactions is sooooooooooo unnecessary.

  3. Avatar de HAMZA AFZAL_


  4. Avatar de ImJannaSwiftie WP
    ImJannaSwiftie WP

    Lol I’m waiting for the MV since morning here in Manila, then I check my phone and my Swiftie group chat are so loud and I’m shookkkkk! I hurriedly check YT and I’m shakingggggggg so bad I’m even shouting and jumping all around my bedroom then I grab my earphone and watch it..
    My mouth are open all the time and I’m yelling lol!

  5. I love her I love the song I love the video but did you really have to make 5 videos about it in 1 day?

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