Fans React To Ariana Grande Getting PEGGED With Lemon at Coachella


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Ariana Grande calls out a fan for pelting her with a lemon??

What’s up Guys, its Sussan Mourad here for Clevver News and you know what they say, when life gives you lemons, you might as well make lemonade…
In one of the most unusual lemon-flavoured plot twists from Ariana’s Sunday night Coachella performance, Ariana was hit – with not more sound issues – but a LEMON!
In a clip captured by a fan, the “7 Rings” singer was hit in the chest by the fruit as she strutted down the stage with her backup dancers.
Then taking a pause between choreography, a shocked Grande said, QUOTE: “b Take a look:
The singer’s fans were understandably livid after the unexpected pelting, because it’s NEVER OK to throw a lemon at anyone you guys, especially Ariana Grande. But more interestingly, the internet and fans have done what they do best and that is come up with theories – or better said, memes – as to who might be behind the attack.

Enter the first suspect, members of Beyonce’s Beyhive
Because of the choice of fruit used here, a lemon, and because of a little Beyonce album many of you have probably heard of called ‘Lemonade,’ many fans have called out the Beyhive on Twitter for the act:
Sara posted to Twitter saying Quote: “Someone threw a lemon at @ArianaGrande … damn the beehive is salty”
And Gift From Virgo tweeted, QUOTE: “Somebody threw a lemon at Ariana!!!!! The beyhive is so petty”
The claims that the Beyhive is behind the lemon pelting isn’t only because a lemon was used. Since Beyonce’s Netflix documentary “Homecoming” dropped on Netflix, which highlighted Beyonce’s epic Coachella performance in 2018, and the now debunked rumours that Ari got paid double what Beyonce got paid for headlining the event, some people have been comparing the two a lot more than often.
However, a majority of the Beyhive have been just as outraged with what happened to Ariana as the Arianators.
The internet responding in true internet fashion, fans have created memes of Ariana’s former Nickelodeon co-star Victoria Justice, throwing the lemon at Ariana (Remember the stars previously got into an online tiff back in 2013 when their show was canceled, although Victoria has denied multiple times that the pair ever fought.)

Bubble’s tweeted this hilarious edit with the caption, QUOTE: “Victoria Justice just photographed throwing a lemon at Ariana Grande!”

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