Fans Find HIDDEN MESSAGE in Ariana Grande Song «Get Well Soon»


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Ariana released her 4th studio album last night, called ‘Sweetener’, and yes — we’ve had it on repeat ever since. The album has a total of 15 songs, and so far one of the most talked-about tracks is the final song on the album, called “Get Well Soon”.

The song appears to allude to Ari’s own struggles with anxiety, as well as overall physical and mental health. In the lyrics, she sings QUOTE, “They say my system is overloaded
/ I’m too much in my head, did you notice? / My body’s here on Earth, but I’m floating /
Disconnected, so sometimes, I feel frozen and alone”. And she repeatedly echoes the line QUOTE, “Girl, what’s wrong with you? Come back down?” in between those words.

At another point in the song, Ari sings QUOTE, “This is for everybody / Babe, you gotta take care of your body, yuh yuh / Ain’t no time to deny it, that is why we talking about it.”

So not only is the song catchy — it’s also laced with some solid advice.

But there’s a hidden message in the song that REALLY has fans impressed. The album clocks in at five minutes and twenty-two seconds, which is a direct nod to the victims of the Manchester terror attack, which took place at the end of her concert on May 22nd last year. Twenty two people were killed in the attack, and all were fans who had attended the show.

Not only does Ari pay respect to the victims with the track’s length — she also added 40 seconds of silence to the song at the end in honor of them.

One fan Tweeted QUOTE, “Just listened to @ArianaGrande ‘s new album #Sweetener and one, I’m quaking and two, at the end of get well soon, there’s a forty second pause for Manchester. WHAT A QUEEN.” Another wrote QUOTE, “I was confused at first, but I learned that the last 40 sec of silence on “Get Well Soon” are to honor the victims of the Manchester bombing…we’re not supposed to have any tears left to cry but…here I am”.

So now I wanna turn things over to you guys — what do you think of Ari’s beautiful and subtle tribute to the Manchester bombing victims? And how do you feel about “Get Well Soon”? Is it your favorite track so far? Sound off with all your feelings in the comments below!

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  1. I wish it was a better song, I’m not saying it’s bad but it could be so much better, however the 40 seconds of silence and the subtle nods like the timestamp are so awesome, good job queen Ariana!!!

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