Disney Debuts New SEQUIN Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Backpack Line

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Disney has been churning out millennial pink and rose gold everything lately and they are certainly not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.
And now, the magical minds over at Disney have just unveiled a brand new product to their ever so popular rose gold line – and people are FREAKING out over it!
The new accessory is an ADORABLE one-of-a-kind rose gold BACKPACK that is completely covered in glittery sequins – and for some extra cuteness it has been adorned with sequined Minnie ears and a satin bow.
The backpack features a zipper pocket on the outside as well as a tag slot so you can put your information on the bag – because you definitely don’t want to get this gorgeous bag mixed up with someone else’s!
Adjustable straps make this a comfortable bag for Disney fashion lovers of all ages too!
The sizing of the backpack is pretty perfect too; it’s not too big and pretty much fits into the micro bag trend category that everyone has been rocking lately.
Disney’s sequined rose gold backpack was revealed on the Disney Shop Instagram page on june 7th and it was so immediately popular that it sold out within TWENTY FOUR HOURS!
The backpack normally retails for $85 and the matching wallet for $50 – however there’s no word on if or when the backpacks will be back in stock, so you could always pick one up off ebay for the low-low price of $299!
And even though we’re super bummed out this rose gold beauty is currently out of stock, Disney has no shortage of other super cute rose gold products to help fill the void!
From the rose gold churros and cupcakes to sparkly Minnie Mouse ears and bracelets, there’s literally something for anyone who is as obsessed with rose gold as we are!
Now it’s time for us to kick it to you guys. Do you love these adorable new backpacks? Let us know in the comments below. When you’re done with that click right over here to check out disney’s newest beauty and the beast dessert!

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  1. Avatar de Ese Odia
    Ese Odia

    This is the cutest backpack ever!???

  2. Avatar de DarknessOfPurple

    $80 for a dang backpack? They have lost their mind

  3. Imo it looks tacky

  4. Avatar de Natalia Stornello
    Natalia Stornello


  5. Avatar de Teodora Mitaru
    Teodora Mitaru


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