Did Ty Dolla Sign Cheat On His Girlfriend With Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui?


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Ty Dolla sign is being accused of cheating on his girlfriend with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui.
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Obviously Ty met Lauren when the two collaborated on last year’s song of the summer ‘Work From Home’ but NOW it’s come to light that the two might be romantically involved. On Thursday, the rapper celebrated his 32nd birthday by going to a bowling alley with friends, including Lauren. Fans were quick to pull out receipts, as they posted footage of the night all over twitter AND in January of this year Ty even (reportedly) tweeted and then deleted Lauren’s initials on his account.
Shady music facts on Twitter were also quick to point out that Lauren was rocking Ty Dolla Signs sweater and it that doesn’t confirm they are dating – nothing does! Okay, I’m kidding, but it’s shaping up to look that way.
Here’s the real tea.. Ty must have started dating Lauren before breaking up with his now ex Alycia Bella because she took to Twitter saying: “when you get cheated on w a 5th harmony member & all you can do is laugh.”
The tweet has since been deleted but fans were quick to notice and screens grab the tweet before it was removed. We’re not sure when they broke up because not only do Ty and Alycia not follow eachother on social media but that also haven’t posted together in over a year!
Perez Hilton got all up in the drama tweeting directly at all of them, addressing the scandal and Alycia was quick to write back, mentioning all involved saying “a grown ass man talking about somebody else’s business. how sad of you”
And of course we have no idea about the status of Lauren and her rumored girlfriend Lucy Vives, but I’ll be keeping tabs for all of y’all and keep you posted.
I do want to know what you think. Let’s chat in the comments below and of course subscribe to our channel for all the updates. I’m Ryland Adams. Thanks for watching. See you soon!
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  1. Lauren would never do that and Ty Dolla Sign is too old for her and he is ugly and his ex need to mind her own business she needs to keep anybody in Fifth Harmony and Fifth Harmony out of her mouth before she gets smacked


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