Demi Lovato SHOCKING Overdose Details Revealed – Kim Kardashian Addresses Tristan’s Cheating (DHR)


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Demi’s Assistant Reveals Terrifying Details!
Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber May Be Feuding
& Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Tristan Cheating Scandal!
All That & More on Today’s Rundown

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  1. How many times is Kim going to open up about that guy? He’s a fckboy. We get it… she can either stay with him or leave his sorry ass.

  2. Stop sharing all this information JESUS CHRIST. I get that she’s a celebrity but FIRST OF ALL SHE IS HUMAN THAT IS IN SUCH A BAD MENTAL STATE AND HEALTH AND SITUATION AND AND THIS CAN MAKE IT EVEN WORSE I GET THAT YOU WANT VIEWS AND ITS SHOWBUSINESS AND PEOPLE AROUND HER FEEL LIKE THEY NEED TO SHARE INFORMATION BUT NO! It’s not right… she’s suffering and everyone is like “we hope she gets better” but FUCK what are you doing for her? Sharing all these private details that she DEFINITELY doesn’t want out? I’m not talking only about clevver I’m talking about all the people who are capable to get the information and SPREAD IT OUT TO THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD I MEAN DO YOU HAVE SOME DECENCY?! Holy shit I’m mad. This is just not right. None of what’s going on around Demi right now. I fucking hate this

  3. Demi is NOT GETTING BETTER …. her “6 year sobriety ” was FAKE!!! … as u can tell she never stopped it just got worse! To the point where she almost died. Demi has to WANT TO GET BETTER .No one can tell demi to go to rehab. DEMI loves the drugs obviously too much


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