Demi Lovato REGRETS Twitter Feuds, But Isn’t Sorry For Hooking Up With Exes


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Demi Lovato is sorry she is not sorry, : except when she gets candid on Ellen Degenere’s Show me More Show…
Demi Lovato’s hit single Sorry Not Sorry was an absolute banger and I don’t know about you, but even though it came out during the summer, I still have it on repeat today. One may ask, what the heck is Demi not sorry about? Well, thanks to Ellen’s New Youtube show, it looks like we’re finally figuring that out.

In the video Demi breaks down a list of things she regrets and a list of things she will never apologize for and no shock here but the list of NOT SORRYs is a lot longer than the sorrys list. but I mean it’s expected she did write a whole song about it. Let start with her SORRY list on it she has PDA depending on how much of it she does, flaking on a party and twitter feuds. We can agree with her that all those things definitely deserve an apology.

We can also agree with at least one of these next ones on her not sorry list. And this last one definitely takes the cake. Same girl same. And she closed out the video by telling everyone that she is definitely not sorry for hooking up with an ex. I’m sure Wilmer isn’t sorry about that one either.

Alright guys now I want to hear from you what did you think about her candid video and also let me know how many times you think I said the word sorry in this video in the comment section below. Thanks for watching Clevver News I’m Jackie Iadonisi I’ll see you next time

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