Demi Lovato Opens Up About Having Suicidal Thoughts At THIS Age


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It’s the shocking details you haven’t heard about Demi Lovato’s road to recovery. In a sit down with Dr. Phil set to air this afternoon, Demi opens up about her struggles with depression, revealing she first felt suicidal when she was only 7 years old. As she got older, her struggles continued, and in a clip for the upcoming ep, Demi reveals exactly what led her to drugs and alcohol.
She goes on to say QUOTE “At the rate that I was using and drinking, I wasn’t going to live a long life.”
Demi also tells Dr. Phil QUOTE “I turned to cutting. Every time I cut, it got deeper and deeper.” As her struggles worsened, Demi was forced to face the reality that she needed help.
As we know, Demi first entered a treatment facility when she was 18 while on tour with the Jonas Brothers. Today, she is 6 years sober, and opening up about her battles in order to inspire others to seek help if they need it.
Truer words have never been spoken. Demi has really made it her mission to offer support for thosedealing with similar circumstances and to those living with mental illness. The Cast Foundation, an extension of CAST Centers, which is partly owned by Demi, and is also the treatment center she, herself, went to, has once again brought back their Cast on Tour sessions as part of Demi’s Tell Me You Love Me Tour. Before her shows, CEO and founder of CAST, Mike Bayer leads an in-depth discussion with some very special guests. Each guest opens up about their personal struggles as part of their mission to erase the stigma surrounding mental health, while promoting addiction-free living. And if the rumors are true, the CAST session prior to Demi’s stop in Miami will feature Lauren Jauregui. As we already know, Lauren is very outspoken about mental health awareness, so no doubt she’s the perfect choice!
Share your thoughts on Demi’s mission with CAST on tour down in the comments. Let’s spread some love, people. Then you can click right here for all the details on Fifth Harmony’s split on the latest Daily Hollywood Rundown. Thanks so much for tuning in to Clevver, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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12 Comentarios

    • She’s truly inspirational and a great role model for people suffering with mental illnesses.
      Watch her two documentaries if you’re struggling with these things, they helped millions of people tremendously ❤️

  1. As much as I love it when celebrities talk about mental health as I go through some of the symptoms myself. She is over doing it now.

    • O sol é acima
      You said she’s “overdoing it” which implies you think she should stop.
      It’s impossible for you to have heard this everyday from her seeing as she’s only talked about it once this year and one or two times in 2017, when her documentary came out.
      You want to hear about how she’s overcome it?
      That’s all she talks about about whenever she mentions her mental illnesses nowadays, did you even watch her documentary?
      Or how she’s doing better rather, cause if you knew so much about mental illnesses like you claim to, you’d know there’s no “overcoming” them, they aren’t curable.
      And she does talk about the things that help make it better, she said she does meditation and MMA/Brazilian Jujitsu to help her cope and get her frustrations out.
      Like I said, she doesn’t constantly talk about it, she only mentions it a couple of times a year and because of the reason I already posted above: she wants to bring awareness, break stigmas surrounding mental illnesses and help people who will be hearing her story for the first time.
      This really isn’t that hard to grasp.
      And that’s false, you don’t get to say she isn’t saving lives when the people themselves are saying it.
      Thousands o people have said she saved them, even she said that’s 90% of what she gets in her M&G, and it’s also what I personally read from her fans on every social media platform.
      Psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists don’t always have a positive effect on people suffering from mental illnesses.
      Sometimes they help, sometimes they don’t or even make it worse, like in my case and a lot of people I’ve met and talked to.
      And if you don’t want to hear her talking about it you have a very simple solution: stop listening to her interviews, cause you know the interviewers always ask her about it.

    • Sky
      I never said she should stop but I don’t need to hear it everyday. And I’m not a “hater” or trying to be “cute”. I said I love it when celebrities talk about mental illness. Let me elaborate by what I mean… I want to hear how she overcame them instead of her just talking about her issues because anyone who suffers from mental illness have stories and struggles. That’s what I want to hear everyday. Her sharing her stories and struggles isn’t doing anything rather than comforting those who has struggles, it gives us folks something to relate to. I personally would like it if she started talking about mindfulness or grounding techniques when she goes through a manic or depressive episode. She isn’t saving lives: psychiatrist, psychologists and therapists are the ones who are saving lives. Demi is just the voice of mental illness she only encourages people to seek help and that is up to the individual.
      All am I saying from the original comment is (I don’t know if I sounded rude when I first posted it) why does she have the need to constantly talk about it? Part of acceptance is moving forward.

    • O sol é acima
      Stop being a hater, it’s not cute, productive or helping anyone.
      You know what is helping people?
      Demi sharing her story and struggles.
      Do you even know her at all?
      She herself said multiple times that she’s sometimes kind of tired of always sharing her story with the world, but that she’ll never stop doing it, because she knows that every time she opens up about her issues there will be someone in need who will hear it for the first time and be inspired and possibly saved by it.
      Demi has saved countless lives already by being as open and honest as she is, you aren’t helping anyone by making comments like this.
      Please grow up and stop finding comfort in tearing kind hearted people down.

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