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There’s something fishy going on… Something between two friends who have been … absent lately… They’re both doing their own things and this is very out of the norm for them!

What’s up guys it’s Drew Dorsey here with Clevver News and have you also noticed that David Dobrik and Josh Peck haven’t been in each other’s videos lately?

Like, not since May.

When they did a protein bar tasting video

And that’s a long time for them to be apart

I mean they ALWAYS used to make videos together


Relationship advice

Even set visits to meet John Stamos

So why did they suddenly stop making videos together?

And even stopped posting photos together?

Well there are a few theories here

First that Josh is busy with his new baby

But I mean, he does shoot videos.

And David has met his baby before

He even offered to be the baby’s godfather

Another theory is that Nickelodeon doesn’t want them to film together anymore

But I don’t know why that would be – neither of them are really not safe for nick

And David just won his first Kid’s Choice Award – and it was Josh that presented it to him

But that was back in March – and they haven’t posted pics of each other since.

So maybe they had a falling out?

Or are moving on to bigger and better things?

Like Kylie Jenner and The Puth

But honestly, I just don’t want to believe that’s true

But there is one more theory that people are coming up with

That the boys are working on something big

So big that it has to be a secret for a while

And guys, that’s what I’m going with

Because I want it to be true

And also because it makes sense.

David was just in the new Angry Birds movie

And Josh wrapped up Fuller House

So they could possibly be on the big screen together soon

We’ll just have to wait and see. What do you guys think? Is it weird they haven’t posted a video together in a while? What’s your theory? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. Stop twisting shit like they’re not feuding like Josh is busy with his family and David’s busy with his life like get over it


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