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Check out these celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Jordana Brewster, Liev Schreiber Adam Sandler, Kate Hudson, Bella Hadid and more all enjoying their summer vacations.

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What does Kelly Clarkson do before appearing on The Voice in the Fall? She takes a summer vacation in Hawaii, of course.

And this former American Idol winner is hardly the only one.

Jordana Brewster was quick to do the same thing, along with Liev Schreiber as well… Celebrities love saying Aloha to the Hawaiian shores. Just ask a very breezy looking Kate Hudson.

And check out Adam Sandler’s wet t-shirt contest…

Where are Kim and Kourtney Kardashian jetting off to?

Perhaps they’re headed to the Atlantic side, where Miami’s beaches are also full of vacationing celebrities like Charlotte McKinney… or David Hasselhoff and his girlfriend, Haley Roberts.

But if you search the globe further, you can find Bella Hadid enjoying her holiday time in the lavish, St. Bart’s.

It seems if there’s a beach, and some time off, you can find yourself a celebrity on vacation.

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