Colleen Ballinger CLAPS BACK At Haters ‘Sick of Seeing Her Baby Bump’


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Colleen Ballinger claps back at the haters who who claim she’s posting too many pictures of her baby bump

Colleen’s not going to apologize for being proud of her bump

Ever since Colleen Ballinger announced she’s expecting her first child with fiancé, Eric Stocklin, she’s included her fans and viewers of her popular youtube channel in her biggest journey yet- becoming a mommy. Not one to shy away from the camera, obviously, Colleen, has definitely embraced her pregnancy and shared a ton of pictures of her and her bump, as she should because a baby on board is exciting!

But not everybody online is as excited to see her baby bump as she is posting it. And now, Colleen is responding to the hate. She took to her insta stories to address the drama, sassily writing QUOTE “Getting a lot of comments asking me to not have photos with my bump anymore. I’m so sorry I’m offending so many of you,” she wrote. “Since I can’t do anything about my bump for the next 6 months cuz my baby needs to grow in there, I’ll try to be sensitive about the photos I post from now on that I’m in. I hope you can forgive me for taking photos of myself while I’m pregnant. It was so rude and selfish of me for doing that to you all.”
And then, in the most hilarious clap back ever, she proceeded to post a handful of pictures of herself with her bump removed with photoshop, looking like an alien and it was actually pretty hysterical. She then shut it all down reposting her latest insta pic and writing QUOTE “JK I DON’T CARE IF Y’ALL DONT WANNA SEE MY BUMP CUZ IT’S CUTE AND I’M PREGNANT AF,” Colleen added at the end. “If u don’t like my bump BYEEEE.”

So, clearly she’s not fazed, because this time is about her and her baby. Just last month, Colleen addressed fans who were upset that she was no longer hugging them during her tour shows, and Colleen had to tell them all straight that it wasn’t about anything other than protecting herself from sickness and viruses during her pregnancy,revealing that she recently found out that she’s QUOTE “not immune to some very serious illnesses,” and avoiding hugs was actually recommended by her doctor. She also revealed that her little brother was born with birth defects and has QUOTE “had a lot of problems learning and progressing and just functioning,” because her mother got sick while pregnant with him. She then told her viewers QUOTE “So please, don’t tell me I’m being ridiculous or overdramatic when I say I can’t get sick when I’m pregnant. [A hug] might just be two seconds to you, but it is the life of my child.”

You can always count on Colleen to give it to us straight and be very open and honest with us. However, she might not be totally down to let us in on one aspect of this whole journey, and that’s childbirth.

Speaking with the Chicago Sun Times, Colleen revealed that as of right now, vlogging her baby being born is not something she’s really considered. She said QUOTE ““I’m pretty sure I don’t want a camera in my face when I am in labor,” says Ballinger, who is due to have her first baby with fiancée Eric Stocklin on New Year’s Day. “But who knows? I have never done this before. I will either slap some lipstick on or I’ll want to smash the camera on the floor.”
Speaking from experience, childbirth aint cute so definitely don’t blame her, but ultimately it will be her decision. One decision she won’t make will be when to fully start showing her baby off to the world. She told the Chicago Sun Times QUOTE ““I’m going to try and wait to make that decision until he can make that decision himself. Filming and documenting my life and the life of Miranda is something I am passionate about, but I would hate to make that big of a decision for him.”

Pretty respectable if you ask me, but now I want to hear from you! So share your thoughts on Colleen’s interview and also your reaction to her hilarious clap back on Insta. Then you can click right here for another brand new video and of course be sure to subscribe to our channels. Thanks so much for tuning in, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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  1. I can see people getting irritated with her videos because she said it would be regular content and it hasn’t really been but people complaining about her photos is RIDICULOUS.

  2. I’m proud of her becoming a mom and wanting to share this with people and they hate but I’m happy about the new baby boy being added to the world

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