Chipotle Introduces Drive-Thru Windows BUT Here’s The Catch


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Good news Chipotle fans, you may no longer have to get out of your car to get your burritos.

If you’re in Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, or Massachusetts, then you’re in luck because their Chipotle stores have introduced a new, time-saving, feature…drumroll please…

The drive-thru lane.

BUT here’s the kicker: Customers can’t exactly order from these windows, BUT they will be able to pick up food placed on the Chipotle website or on the store’s app.

And to confirm your next thought, YES, PJ attire and/or sweats of any sort are perfectly acceptable forms of dress code to roll up at one of these Chipotle locations.

So here’s how it works: Once you place your order, which by the way, can be placed hours in advance, you select a pick up time, and a text from Chipotle will let you know when your food is ready. Talk about convenient! AND just in case you show up a few minutes early, or ya know, you wanna grab some extra hot sauce packets, there’s even parking spaces dedicated to mobile customers.

Seriously, could they make this process ANY easier?

While there are only five of these stores open right now, and one opening in Virginia later this year, don’t worry guys, there’s many more on the way. And these stores aren’t the only exciting thing happening with the popular restaurant chain. Chipotle has been struggling to win back customers for quite some time following its major E Coli outbreak in 2015, but its biggest shareholder, Bill Ackman, is assuring fans there is much more in store, saying QUOTE “There hasn’t been innovation at Chipotle in a decade.” followed by, “That’s really going to change.”

After making multiple public test changes last year, including Chipotle’s rollout of queso dip, frozen margaritas and its popular quinoa menu option, the chain is rumored to be testing out desserts and breakfast items, as well as extending its hours into fourth-meal territory.

*wipes away drool* Excuse me while I wipe up this puddle of drool from under me, but while I’m doing that, I wanna hear what you guys think is next for Chipotle, and which items would you like to see on the menu next?! Let me know all your thoughts in the comment section below and when you’re done with that, click right over here to learn all about Costco’s new 100-cal vodka ice pops. Thanks for hanging with me and make sure you hit that subscribe button! I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see ya next time.

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  1. Miami, FL may be where everyone wants to vacation, but it’s where I live and it doesn’t have a chipotle Drive-Thru. Someone get me out of this hellhole 😤


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