Chicken Nugget & French Fry Ramen Is Real & Proves That Dreams Come True


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First of all, you’re gonna need to get your hands on a ticket to Japan, because as of right now, that’s the only place that’s available. So that’ll only run you like, what, several hundred dollars? But luckily, the ramen itself only costs 205 Yen, which is about $1.91 in U.S. dollars. What a bargain! Plus, all you have to do to make it is add hot water, so it’s got that convenience factor going for it as well.

And if you’re wondering what kind of ingredients go into chicken nugget and french fry ramen, Mashable broke down it down noting:

“On the list of ingredients there’s noodles, a spicy soup with a black pepper kick, scrambled eggs, green onions, and of course, the chicken nuggets and peeled potatoes — the latter of which are meant to represent French fries.”

That’s right — you actually get LITERAL chicken nuggets in the ramen. Not just some dinky chicken nugget flavoring. My mouth is watering just thinking about it to be honest.

One Twitter user noted: “Chicken nugget & french fry flavored ramen….

*gives points to Japanese for being innovative*”

My thoughts EXACTLY.

Sora News 24 actually got to try it, and had a relatively glowing review, saying quote:

“The chicken nuggets are small in size, but pack plenty of flavor with their spicy breading, and their meat is moist and tender all the way to the center.”

Color me intrigued! Seriously, as if Japan didn’t have enough cool stuff going for them, they do something like this, making the world jealous — and hungry — yet again.

So, what are YOUR thoughts on chicken nugget and french fry ramen? Are you here for it? Or do you think some foods combos need to be left alone? Get the convo going in the comments section, then click HERE to check out the buzz about one of Tinder’s newest features. I’m Emile Ennis, thank you so much for watching Clevver, and we’ll see you next time!

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