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Cancers are creative, loyal, and some of the most intuitive people you’ll ever meet. Which makes sense because some of our favorite celebs are TOTALLY in line with this astrological sign.

What’s up guys? It’s Drew Dorsey with Clevver News and if you were born between June 21 and July 22, you probably already know Cancer season is in full effect and we are so here for it.

People who fall under the Cancer zodiac sign are typically emotional, gentle, and wear their hearts on their sleeves.

They are also born leaders who thrive on keeping everything in check.

So it’s no surprise that some of our favorite stars are certified Cancers — after all creativity and emotion lead to great music, TV, movies, etc.

And if you’re a member of the fourth sign of the Zodiac, we have some great news for you: you’re in seriously incredible company.

And just because we know you are wondering which celebs are Cancers, we are rounding up some of our favorites.

First up is our girl Selena Gomez.

Selena was born on July 22nd and she totally embodies all of the Cancer characteristics.

This sign has a deep connection to emotions and is highly intuitive and sensitive to the feelings of others. Selena has always had a special relationship with her fans and has been known to put others before herself.

Even through her own struggles with her health, she has made giving back a priority and really takes time to listen to each of her fans when she meets them.

You can feel really comfortable with a Cancer, and Selena proves that to be true!

Next up is another one of our favorites, Ariana Grande who was born on June 26th.

Ari’s music is a direct reflection of everything she’s been through, and her zodiac sign explains how she makes beautiful songs from her challenging experiences.

She uses her music to show the world how strong she is, while also writing lyrics that really help other people.

One song on her latest album that showed how in touch Ari is with her emotions is “Ghostin.”

She actually doesn’t perform it live because it’s so emotional, but if you haven’t listened to it check it out and you’ll agree it’s got “I’m a Cancer” written all over it.

Another one of our favorite celebrity Cancers is Cami Mendes, who was born on June 29th.

She may have stolen your heart as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, but Cami is so much more than her character.

She has proved just how much of a Cancer she really is in her relationship with Riverdale co-star Charles Melton.

Like I’ve said, Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves and Cami’s heart was on full display in her love letter to her boyfriend.

On Instagram she wrote quote, “i’m probably sharing too much, but before we started dating he’d often get mad at me for trying to bring logic into love. he taught me that love doesn’t have an explanation, it either exists or it doesn’t. it was his vulnerability not only as an actor, but also as a man, that taught me that valuable message. i’m so proud of you charles, and so grateful to have witnessed this beautiful journey of yours. can’t wait for the world to see what you’re capable of.”

Ok I’m not crying, you’re crying.

As a water sign, Cancers can be very sentimental. And their sensitivity makes them comforting and easy to love.

So it looks like Cami has this whole girlfriend thing figured out. Charles is one lucky guy!

Next up is Shane Dawson, who was born on July 19th.

Shane is known for his YouTube videos, many of which turn into really emotional conversations.

Which is no surprise for a Cancer.

Cancers are known to step up when someone needs a little extra love and attention. They want nothing more than to help their loved ones feel safe, taken care of, and heard.

And Shane certainly does that for his friends and others in the YouTube community.
He is constantly giving people a voice and a platform to show us who they really are.

Alright guys, now I want to hear from you!

Are you a Cancer and do you totally relate to any of these celebs? And which zodiac sign are you?

Let me know down in the comments section below.

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