Celebs RALLY Around Bullied Student Keaton Jones After Viral Video


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After Keaton Jones opened up about being a victim of bullying, some of the biggest celebs reached out to him in the best way possible.

These are some of the sweetest gestures that will make even the coldest of hearts melt.

Let’s be real here, bullying sucks and a good majority of human beings know this. However, just like how there’s evil in this world, there’s also a tiny portion of people who just don’t get it. Making fun of another person for the way they look, the color of their skin tone, or even the way they talk – that’s just not cool at all.
And if you don’t get it, then maybe this video of a middle school student by the name of Keaton Jones can explain to you just how hurtful words and in some cases, physical bullying can affect someone.

If that didn’t break your hurt or even make you shed a single tear, you’re a cold hearted monster. I’m joking, but in all seriousness, the bullying has to stop. In the clip, Keaton admitted to the camera that he doesn’t have any friends.

Well, Keaton, your life is about to change if it hasn’t already. After the heartbreaking video went viral, SO many celebrities came out of the woodworks to show their support for Keaton and quite a few of them even invited him to their movie premieres as their DATE.
LAPTOP: Chris Evans AKA Captain America tweeted, “Stay strong, Keaton. Don’t let them make you turn cold. I promise it gets better. While those punks at your school are deciding what kind of people they want to be in this world, how would you and your mom like to come to the Avengers premiere in LA next year?”

And on TOP of that invitation, Mark Ruffalo also extended an invite to Keaton to the same movie premiere. Tweeting, “Keaton, will you be my guest at the premiere of #InfinityWar too? I think you are about one of the coolest kids I have ever seen! Can’t wait to meet you in person, pal. Forget those ignorant kids. One day, very soon, they’re going to feel pretty stupid for this.”

Um, having Captain America and the Hulk fight over taking you to the same movie premiere? Those bullies at school could NEVER.
On top of Chris and Mark’s invites, Hailee Steinfeld offered the same sentiments, but for the Pitch Perfect 3 movie premiere that’s happening like, tomorrow night.

Other celebs like Zedd invited Keaton to any of his future shows and Tyler Byrd, a wide receiver at the University of Tennessee tweeted his support for Keaton, told the world that he and his team plan on showing up to Keaton’s school to show him love and support. Honestly, those bullies will wish they never messed with Keaton.

It just goes to show that bullying will never EVER prevail in this country. Not when there are so many people who are against it. What did you guys think about all of the support that Keaton is getting after his video went viral? Isn’t it nice to know that there are so many great people in this world? When you’re done leaving all your thoughts and support for Keaton in the comment section below, make sure you click right over here to check out an equally amazing good deed from this guy who saved a bunny from one of the crazy California wildfires. Thanks so much for hanging with me right here on Newsfeed, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see ya next time.

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5 Comentarios

  1. So yeah, it is sad, but so many people get bullied that it is upsetting to the people who get bullied worse. I got bullied so hard last year. And this kid is getting so much attention because his mom filmed him talking about it. I’m not saying I don’t feel bad, because I do but, it’s unfair to all the other people getting bullied.

  2. I was bullied in high school because I was deemed the «quite girl» and so they tried to get a reaction out of me. That led me down a dark path full of depression and cutting. That look on that child is heart-breaking and I feel for him. Maybe he called his peers the N word or not. You all should *NOT* be getting mad at him, but his parent(s) who taught him that word!

    *This poor child has been though enough!*


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