Cardi B CLAPS BACK At Haters Saying She Doesn’t Write Her Own Music!


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Cardi B is once again coming to her own defense after being accused of not writing her own music, and she’s got some strong words for allllll the haters…

What’s up guys, it’s your host Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and if we’ve learned anything from Cardi B, it’s to never come for her unless you’re willing to get in on the virtual fist fight with receipts and reason… but then again, I live for the Cardi clapback, so get the popcorn ready.

If you’re part of the Bardigang, you’re well aware by now that Cardi’s got her share of haters, buuuut, rub her the wrong way, and you’re bound to get a lengthy tweet, 4-tiered Instagram story, and/or maybe a rap written about you.

And speaking of written raps, Cardi clearly wasn’t having it when she was questioned about how she landed on the Billboard Top 100 Songwriters charts when she allegedly doesn’t write her own raps… but the answer was simple, and I QUOTE, “It’s because I do write a lot of my own shit, that’s the thing.”

Ok so it went a little more in-depth than that due to the heated tweet that came from one very opinionated (and evidently HEATED) human being.

Twitter user Crystal, (who has already deleted her tweet, probably due to the heat she was getting, like seconds after posting her tweet) kicked off the start of the Twitter exchange by writing QUOTE, “I had it up to here with this BS NOW one thing that she got a Grammy but r u kidding me @billboard how tf is Cardi on this list and SHE DOESN’T WRITE ANYTHING SHE ADMITTED TO HAVING TEAMS OF WRITERS SO HOW TF DID SHE MAKE TOP SONGWRITER #really #stupidity this is a joke now.”

GIRL, WHO HURT YOU?! Clearly Cardi had some similar feelings as she took no hesitation in responding back with a FIIIIIIRREEE rebuttal. She tweeted QUOTE, “Because I do write a lot of my shit that’s the thing.Yes just like every other artist I do have a couple writer that help with hooks but I wrote plenty of songs on my album specially my mixtape.Ya just flip shit and ya want to believe the fuck shit so bad but EAT IT UP BITCH!”

I don’t know about you guys, but I think I just heard a mic drop? Regardless, Cardi seems well-equipped to handle the backlash for herself. She’s had plenty to overcome in the past year alone, and it doesn’t seem like she’s ready to stop any time soon. Following her recent show cancellations due to plastic surgery complications, she’s bouncing back better than ever before.

Last week Cardi dropped her highly anticipated song “Press”, and she’s also expected to drop her second studio album later this year. Not to mention a plethora of appearances, most notably the 2019 BET Awards, in which she’s tacked on the most nominations, including Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, Video of the Year and Album of the Year. So I think this is a good time for the haters to quietly take a seat and delete their tweets.

Although it’s clear they’ve already done so, I gotta hear what you guys thought about Cardi’s clapback? Also do you think it’s unfair for musicians to cop heat for help with writing their music? Get to talking down here in the comments section below.
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  1. I love how all throughout the creation and discovery of not just her. Working with someone doesn’t deserve to be ostrasized with not doing any of the work.

  2. she has admitted that she doesn’t write anything ?? maybe she should focus on keeping her story straight with all these lies


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