Camila Cabello RESPONDS to Taylor Swift Rumors – Bella Hadid SHADES Zayn?! (DHR)


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Camila Cabello responds to rumors that Taylor Swift convinced her to leave Fifth Harmony, Kendall Jenner gets SLAMMED for working with Chris Brown, Bella Hadid SHADES Zayn after his breakup with Gigi?! All that and more on today’s rundown.

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5 Comentarios

  1. Why was she the only one slammed though??? Kendall could sneez and everyone would be offended. Haters gonna hate. These fuckers are going to rot soon. ANNOYING. Fuckers.

  2. Ugh, so many feminists online blaming Kendall for stuff that she has no control over. Seriously, Chris Brown made a terrible, stupid decision that wasn’t acceptable, and he now knows and sees that. All a person wants to do is move on from the bad things and never do them again. Leave him be. 🙁

  3. These stupid fans need to let that Chris Brown shit Go!! It’s 2018…and if Camilla had said Taylor told her leave fifth harmony… Clever news wouldn’t say they’re glad Camilla left! 2 mouth mofoz

  4. Why is Kendall being bashed for this?? she’s not the 1st person to work with Chris after the incident and why is Chris still being punished for that though? Rihanna forgave him already

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