Camila Cabello FANGIRLS Over BF – Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott SHUT DOWN Split Rumors (DHR)


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Camila showed interest in rumored bf Matt BEFORE they were spotted, and Kylie & Travis show some pda. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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5 Comentarios

  1. At the end of the day if Camilla happy with him than I’m happy for her. To me the age difference doesn’t matter because they are not breaking any laws. Many celebrities and non celebrities have 10+ years age difference and they are still together. A lot of people may prefer older people than their own age. It’s their choice. Also we are fans we do not own her. She’s not some kind of object either. We should respect her wishes. Also, because of some people shipping her with other people such as Lauren or Shawn they think they know everything about her and have this fanfic delusional mind of why she should be with them and they can’t live without each other. I’m especially aiming at those hardcore delusional shippers. Maybe instead of focusing on other people life they should focus on theirs. We don’t know a celebrity life we just know the image they put. We have no right to judge them or say who should be with them. Only they or people close to them will know if they are right for them or not.

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