Cameron Dallas HOSPITALIZED After Serious Accident!


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Cameron Dallas was hospitalized after a scary cliff diving accident and you can watch the whole thing on Instagram!

What’s up guys it’s Sinead deVries with Clevver News. Over the weekend Cameron took an innocent trip to the beach that ended up putting him in the hospital

I don’t know what beach he goes to but mine looks nothing like this.

He and a group of friends found a 70 foot cliff that they decided to jump off of.

Cameron had a friend go first, who got pretty similar results

So off he goes as well.

Okay pause for a sec. My question here is: How many times did these boys have to dislocate their arms to be able to self-diagnose that??

So they did what any of us would do and called a helicopter to airlift them from the beach!

But don’t be too worried. He later shared this photo to Instagram of him in the hospital. He’s smiling pretty big so I thiiink he’s okay.

So what do you guys think? Would YOU have jumped from that cliff? What about after your friend injured themselves?? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. How do you dislocate your arm??? As an overweight man, I cliff-dived off of waterfall 3 times in my life and that never happened to me.

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