Blac Chyna Caught CHEATING On Rob Kardashian?

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If the latest rumor about Chyna is correct, she and fiance Rob might be on their way to being “off” once again…

According to a source at Page Six, Chyna was spotted getting cozy with an unnamed man at a Super Bowl viewing party in LA over the weekend. The source said of Chyna’s interaction with the man, QUOTE, “I would definitely have thought they were a couple if didn’t know better.” Uh oh, that does not sound like something Rob would wanna hear.

The source also added that at one point the man had his hand in her lap or on her legs, AND that Chyna was overheard saying how she was “faded” at the party. And if that’s not enough evidence that she and Rob are potentially on the rocks, she also allegedly explained to another party-goer that she’s QUOTE, “still talking to Rob but they’re not living together right now”.

Though there’s been no direct word from Rob OR Chyna as to the latest status of their relationship, both have been using social media to hint that things are still good between them. In fact, after this Page Six alleged cheating story came out, Chyna took to Snapchat to show off a new manicure and her giant rock from Rob.

And on Rob’s end, just last week he posted a photo of him and Chyna to celebrate their one year anniversary, captioning the pic QUOTE, “1 year down lol woohoooooo happy anniversary babbbbbbiiiiiiiieeeeeee.” So at this point, we have no IDEA what to think–but hopefully the new parents of baby Dream can work things out and figure out the best way to move forward as a family.

Alright guys so now I wanna know what YOU think of the Chyna cheating rumors–do you think her snaps are evidence that she and Rob are all good? Sound off in the comments and after that be sure to subscribe to Clevver News! Thanks so much for hanging out with me on News Feed, I’m your host Vivian Saldana and I’ll see you guys next time!

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5 respuestas a «Blac Chyna Caught CHEATING On Rob Kardashian?»

  1. Avatar de Mamacitaoo7

    That was a fan pic you guys are haters she’s still breastfeeding and not
    drinking they are living together he just got her a new ring wtf leave them
    alone and let them be happy

  2. Avatar de Cid Kronic
    Cid Kronic

    Tbh she kinda ugly fr

  3. Avatar de Mamacitaoo7

    Stop spreading lies

  4. Avatar de Iime Elias
    Iime Elias

    I really enjoy listening to your voice in both languages ??

  5. Avatar de Vamador A
    Vamador A

    It’s all for show! ? they need to stay relevant for a second season of
    their show?

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