Beyonce’s Daughter, Blue Ivy, Makes Debut On Billboard Hot 100 Chart!


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This year has given us some unexpected Billboard Hot 100 artists: Lil Nas X, The Jonas Brothers, Ashley O

And now we have another artist that no one saw coming: Blue Ivy. What’s up guys I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and this is Clevver News

Blue Ivy Carter has made her debut on Billboard’s Hot 100 for her collab with Saint John, WizKid, and her mom Beyonce

The song “Brown Skin Girl” features vocals from Blue in the beginning and end of the song

It was a part of Beyonce’s new album “The Lion King: The Gift” which is a collection of songs inspired by The Lion King and Beyonce’s love for Africa.

And now Blue Ivy is a certified pop star

I mean, it’s pretty undeniable that she’s going to give us a whole album at some point

Even if it’s not for a few more years. And the way it’s looking, she’s set up to be the biggest pop star on the planet in 10 years

I mean, how could she not with a mom like Beyonce

And we can only pray she’ll collab with North West

So Ari, Taylor and Lil Nas X better move over because she’s about to break ALL their records.

And get ready, because

She’s coming!
Let’s hear from you guys. Do you think Blue would take a stab at music herself? Or maybe pursue some other career? I know it’s so early to think about it but hey, take a guess in the comment section below

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  1. Let her enjoy her youth first cuz once she grows up, she’ll surely feel all the pressure of being the daughter of the legenday beyonce?

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